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Justice in Tarot – What does it reveal about my future?

The letter Justice in Tarot basically it comes to ask you to have prudence in your actions and use reason in your choices.

All your actions in this phase will have future consequences. So be a fair person. Understand more deeply the meaning of this Major Arcanum.

Description of the card Justice in Tarot

The Justice card features a woman seated on a throne, representing a position of power.

In her left hand, she holds a scale, showing the importance of balance and thoughtfulness.

In her right hand, she holds a sword that will do justice, defining the sentence, according to her deeds. The sword points upwards expressing a firm and final decision.

What does Justice in Tarot mean?

Justice in Tarot reminds you that every choice you make today will have an effect on your life in the long run. There will come a time when you will be judged for your decisions.

When this arcane appears in a reading, it may indicate that you are being judged for some action you have done in the past. Allow your intuition to tell you what it might be.

For example, if you have been deceived in the past, this card can bring you relief.

However, if you have done something that has harmed someone, this letter is a warning that your punishment is on its way.

But calm down, Justice is not insensitive. She has a certain level of compassion and understanding. So, be ready to take responsibility for your actions, but know that the consequences will be fair and without prejudice.

This card also appears to indicate that you will go through a time when you will have to make an important decision that will have repercussions on your life in the long run.

So, think hard about all the consequences of each of the choices you can make. And follow the path that is best aligned with everyone’s well-being.

Depending on the question that was asked, the appearance of the Justice card could still mean that you must speak the truth, no matter who you donate. The truth needs to be revealed.

If you are facing any legal issues, this letter is a good sign. It indicates that the final decision on the issue will be made shortly.

Inverted Justice card meaning

If this arcane appears in the inverted position, it could be showing that you are living in denial. You need to accept the consequences of your choices! Don’t run away from your responsibility.

It could also indicate that you did something wrong that is still under wraps. You have two choices: keep the situation hidden and hope that no one finds out, or take responsibility for your mistakes.

Usually, when we own up to our mistakes and try to correct them, we free ourselves from guilt and shame and learn to make better decisions.

However, whatever you choose, make it aware that you will need to live with your conscience.

If the choice involves other people, the Justice Inverted card shows that there is some prejudice or bias that is influencing your decision in an unfair way.

Look for more information to be able to make a more balanced decision.

In legal matters, this card in the reversed position may represent an unfair outcome.

Justice in the Love Tarot

If this letter arose from a question related to your love life, it comes to ask you to reflect on your relationship, if you really are in the relationship you want.

In addition, Justice in Tarot advises you to always try to understand your partner’s side and not prejudge.

For those who are single, this arcane warns that this is not the best time to look for love. Your critical sense is not at its best. See the full meaning of Justice in the Tarot of Love.

Justice in the Labor Tarot

In matters related to work, this arcane asks you to reflect on the possibilities that your profession offers you before making a choice.

For those who are unemployed, the letter advises to be selective and to choose wisely the vacancies to which they will apply.

It’s also important to maintain your composure during a job interview so you don’t give the wrong impression.

As for finances, the prediction of the cards is that the moment is not the best. So be careful with your money.

Card Justice in the Mythological Tarot

In the Justice card we find Athena, the goddess of Justice, all dressed in white, symbolizing purity.

Beneath your feet, the black and white checkered floor signifies the mind’s ability to integrate both light and dark into an orderly and coherent pattern.

The owl on her left shoulder is the symbol of Athena, justice, as she is a bird with clarity of vision, who sees and hunts her prey in the midst of darkness.

The scale symbolizes the ability to weigh one thing against another in order to arrive at an impartial judgment.

For the Greeks, it is the rational attributes of the goddess Athena that separate rational men from animals.

In the divinatory sense, the card of Justice means the development of individual faculties that make it possible to experience a sense of worthiness and worth in life: the formation of character and a just attitude.

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