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Jeans bag: 45 ideas and how to make this piece that never goes out of style

The denim bag is a very versatile and urban piece that never goes out of style. There are several models, with different sizes and colors, for all styles. If you are looking for a very street and casual look, invest in the accessory. Check out some ideas!

45 denim bag photos for inspiration

Perfect for the day, for the night, for casual occasions or not. The denim bag can become your best companion. He doubts? So keep reading!

1. The denim bag is great to accompany any look

2. It matches casual looks to sporty chic

3. The denim bag made from fabric clothes is an upcycling supertrend

4. For those who want a more urban look, betting on an all-jeans production is a great idea

5. The denim bag with synthetic leather matches more casual productions

6. Another interesting possibility is the studs and applications

7. Sewing shapes and designs on your basic bag is an alternative to renewing it

8. The small denim bag is great for those who want to carry only the essentials

9. The piece gives a boost to any production

10. The big denim bag is that partner for any type of program

11. From a day at work to a walk in the park

12. The more embroidery and seams, the cooler your denim bag will be

13. Little ones look even more glamorous with a chain strap

14. Washing the jeans also makes a big difference in the look of the model

15. The floral detail makes the bag more delicate

16. The shopper model is great for carrying your purchases

17. The crossbody denim bag is super practical and leaves you freer

18. The large model can be used in several occasions

19. The backpack is very good for those who want to carry more things without hurting their shoulders

20. The denim bag can also match a more social look

21. Or with a very beachy look, depending on the model

22. You can make your own shopper out of some old jeans

23. The patched denim bag is super cool and stylish

24. To go to college or college, a good option is the school jeans bag

25. Put colorful keyrings to add a fun touch to your bag

26. Or bet on details in other fabrics

27. Another option is to customize your denim bag with colorful doodles, for a very urban production

28. The denim backpack, in addition to being practical, is perfect in a classic production

29. You can paint drawings or phrases that symbolize something important

30. For a very glamorous production, opt for a denim bag with rhinestone embroidery

31. For a laid-back, street look, paint on jeans works well

32. The denim bag with patches is a good alternative to break the seriousness of more formal looks

33. For those who carry a lot of things on a daily basis, the large denim bag is ideal

34. The smaller ones can be used with a strap or as a clutch

35. Your outfit can also get more style with stylized straps

36. You can buy a basic denim bag and vary the patches

37. The denim bag is great to complete the beach look

38. The more different jeans you have, the cooler your denim bag will be

39. The painted denim bag is super stylish

40. Take the opportunity to use the large denim bag to rock the street look

41. In the tote bag, you can carry whatever you want

42. For those who believe that less is more

43. The jeans shopper bag can be used as an eco-bag

44. Jeans and colorful prints are all about summer, dare without fear

45. Ideal for those who like more elaborate details and finishes

The denim bag is a basic piece in the most up-to-date productions. Now you know you can join this trend without going out of style!

How to make a denim bag for women

You know that old jeans of yours that don’t fit anymore? How about turning it into a super stylish bag?

denim bag with patches

In this video, Mari Rosas teaches how to make a seamless denim bag! She shows how to repurpose old jeans and create the bag with hot glue. For final customization, Mari uses super cool patches!

Turn pants into a denim crossbody bag

The crossbody denim bag, also known as a messenger bag, is the model taught by Suellen Redesign in her video. To create the piece, she uses old jeans, in addition to a zipper, regulator and fabric for lining.

Turn old pants into a school denim bag

With back to school, how about creating a personalized backpack for the kids? In this video, Danyele Bertolo shows how she made a cool school denim bag from old pants.

Double-sided bag with recycled material

Another video from Suellen Redesign! In this one, she teaches how to make a double-sided bag that is pure versatility. On one side, jeans, on the other, floral print. The piece is made with 100% reused material.

Now that you know how to make your own bag, there’s no excuse not to join this denim trend. Play in street style with the denim bag and rock it!

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