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It’s the powerful ones they like

What exactly is the type of woman that men like the most? Is it the one that calls all the time to see if he needs something or where he’s going or the one that makes him curious by going two days without calling? This is just a small example of the typical attitudes of good and powerful women, but it is a start to understand the differences between them.

Have you ever wondered why the cat you wanted so much disappeared after being together for a while? Did you not give yourself too much or too quickly? The point is, men like to hunt more than to be hunted. So, for them, a woman who is always ready for use, waiting on the shelf, can be interesting at first because she provides a comfortable situation for him – but that ends up getting boring and he disappears.

Why do the powerful prefer them?

Men prefer powerful women primarily because they are independent and self-assured, which makes them see them with more respect and equality. These are what men want as partners for a lifetime, someone to share the difficult and the pleasant moments alike.

After all, he knows that this woman will add to his life and not always be dependent on him, needing him to provide for both of them. And this is not exclusively related to money, but mainly to affection. Men don’t like to feel the pressure of being responsible for someone’s happiness or to feel that their wife is totally dependent on them.

In addition, powerful women are great companions because they have a good sense of humor and know how to lead life in a pleasant way despite the impasses. They also know how to conquer men because they are more mysterious, less delivered and less available.

A man who has a relationship with a powerful woman will hardly know about every step she takes and even more rarely will he have to approve or disapprove of every move she takes. The powerful woman does not need his approval and knows how to take care of her own life, she has security in the decisions she makes and it is this set of factors that makes her irresistible in the male eyes.

However, there is also a portion of men who like good, submissive and dependent women. These men generally like to feel protective of women and therefore prefer the more dependent women, so they can feel like the men of the house.

Nice x Powerful

See what are the main differences in characteristics and attitude of good women and powerful women.

the good girl

  • Cry or drama when he doesn’t do what she wants;
  • Play the victim, poor thing;
  • It is always available to him;
  • Can’t or find it very difficult to say no to a man;
  • Cancel any appointment with friends if the cat decides to show up;
  • It places man at the center of its life and suffers when he leaves;
  • She regards male opinion as the only truth and always tries to please him.

the mighty

  • You already have something else to do if the cat doesn’t show up;
  • You know you are responsible for your own happiness;
  • It is available at times, but not always;
  • You know when to say yes and when to say no to a man;
  • Don’t cancel appointments if the cat decides to show up at the last minute;
  • Put your life and your happiness first;
  • She knows her worth and doesn’t change her opinion of herself regardless of the opinion her partner has about her.

If you believe that you fit the profile of a good girl, but you are tired of suffering taking relationships with this dependent connection between you and him, it is worth investing in new attitudes and conquering your independence.

The first step to becoming a powerful woman is to assume the role of protagonist of your own life, to put yourself at the center, to value yourself and so little by little you can stop being a woman who depends on a man to feel happy and important.

Remember, too, that being powerful doesn’t have to be rude, aggressive, or unfeminine. Being powerful is linked to having a good image of yourself, being safe and confident, being determined, mysterious and not being a tough woman who thinks she’s better than the man.

After all, if a woman wants to be respected and treated as a companion who walks side by side with her partner, she must also treat him with respect and as an equal. Of course, without losing the charm and good humor.

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