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Is pregnant? Here are 10 beauty products and treatments you should avoid

During the 40 weeks of pregnancy, many doubts can arise in future mothers. Can I dye my hair? Should I continue using my creams normally? What can and cannot be used during pregnancy?

A recent survey found more than 287 toxic substances in a newborn’s umbilical cord. Did you know that many of these substances are present in beauty products commonly used by women and that they can seriously compromise fetal formation and even cause an abortion?

Therefore, to preserve the health of both the mother and the baby, it is necessary to avoid certain products and beauty treatments during pregnancy.

“Every pregnant woman, when performing a treatment, whether hair, skin or body, must observe the indications and contraindications of the product and its composition”, says the obstetric nurse Monica Mozzaquatro.

Learn about some products and treatments that you should avoid during pregnancy.

1. Products with urea, camphor and lead

The National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) has a list of three substances that are prohibited during pregnancy: camphor, urea above 3% and lead. Such substances are present in most moisturizers and creams. Studies show that they are extremely harmful in the formation of the baby.

2. Surgical interventions

Surgical, plastic and liposuction interventions cannot, under any circumstances, be performed on pregnant women. There is a risk of surgeries causing miscarriage.

3. Skin treatment

“Anti-aging products, deep cleansers, whitening products and acid treatments should be avoided”, guides Monica. The substances used in treatments of this type can be absorbed by the mother and, through the bloodstream, reach the fetus causing serious problems. On the list of prohibited substances are: retinoic acid, glycolic acid, salicylic acid, hydroquinone, tretinoin, adapalene and isotretinoin.

But be careful, be sure to use sunscreen. It is highly recommended during pregnancy!

4. Products with alcohol

It is recommended that products formulated with alcohol be avoided during pregnancy. The substance is present in many perfumes, deodorants, makeup removers and astringent lotions.

5. Laser, botox and artificial tanning

Pregnant women cannot undergo any laser, botox or artificial tanning treatments.

6. Beauty pills

Nutraceuticals, more popularly known as beauty pills, should be discontinued during pregnancy. Although they promise a series of important vitamins to the body, there is a risk of an imbalance in the absorption of essential nutrients during pregnancy, such as folic acid.

7. Teeth whitening

No type of dental whitening, chemical or laser, should be performed during pregnancy, as the woman’s sensitive gums are at risk of inflammation.

8. Reducing gel

The use of reducing gels during pregnancy is not recommended, as these products cause skin irritation and local heat capable of altering the pregnant woman’s blood pressure.

9. Dyeing, straightening and relaxing

“It is not known whether absorbing the dye into the hair can be harmful to the baby. That’s why it’s not recommended to dye your hair with permanent dyes”, guides Monica. The same prohibition is valid for hair straightening and relaxation.

Prepare in advance when the pregnancy is planned: learn how to do hairstyles to hide the apparent roots if you dye your hair and practice straightening your hair using only the brush and the dryer.

10. Anti-dandruff and anti-parasitic products

Anti-dandruff or lice treatment shampoos are not recommended during pregnancy. Most of the time, ketoconazole, a substance that should be avoided during pregnancy, is used in the manufacture of products of this nature.

What can be used after the first 3 months of pregnancy?

Despite prohibitions, some treatments can be released after the second trimester of pregnancy. Others can be done during the 40 weeks following some important recommendations. Check out:

Toner for hair: to color the hair, the ideal are toners with natural pigments. It is recommended to use them only after the first three months of pregnancy.

Hair discoloration: “we only recommend hydrogen peroxide for hair discoloration because the pregnant woman’s skin can be very sensitive and can cause irritation”, guides Monica.

Hair removal: it is not contraindicated during pregnancy. “It can be performed with cold or hot waxes or even using blades”, says the nurse. On the other hand, depilatory creams should be avoided due to the strong products present in the composition.

Nail polish and acetone: nail polish remover solutions that contain a maximum concentration of 50% acetone in their formula and nail polish can be used during pregnancy without any problems.

Massages and lymphatic drainage: massage and drainage have several benefits for pregnant women: decrease in fluid retention, improvements in mood, sleep and decrease in pain resulting from pregnancy. Therefore, they are released during pregnancy.

Care must be taken when choosing a professional. Ideally, it is someone who specializes in massages for pregnant women. It is also important that blood pressure is measured before starting the massage.

When choosing the product to use, the ideal is always to read the label. Prefer products with little fragrance, hypoallergenic, without dyes and with total absence of petrochemical derivatives, such as mineral oil, vaseline, isoparaffins and others. There are currently many products available on the market specially formulated for the gestational period, take care.

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