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Invest in heavy framed glasses

The sunglasses with heavy frames, inspired by models from the 60s, are back this year as a favorite accessory for many women, including fashionistas and celebrities such as actress Anne Hathaway.

The models vary between retro and geek styles. These heavy frame glasses are generally used by people who do not need to correct a vision problem and have actually become an accessory to complement a look.

Glasses don’t need to have a prescription, just a simple lens that doesn’t get in the way or distort vision. However, if you already wear glasses, take the opportunity to innovate your collection with different models of frames, including the heaviest ones.

After all, glasses with heavy frames are super stylish, they are in fashion and they can be used both in everyday life and at parties.

Colors and prints are a trend, they can give a touch of relaxation to a total black look. The models with black frames, however, still remain an indispensable classic in a geek or retro look that is quite elegant and sober.

As it is a very flashy accessory, care must be taken to combine heavy-framed glasses with other accessories and patterned pieces. Try to balance the look with neutral pieces if you opt for leopard print sunglasses, for example, and be bold with the look if you choose to stick to the classic black.

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