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Intimate deodorant: understand how the product works

Of intimate soap – which is even on sale in most pharmacies and supermarkets – practically all women have heard about it. But a newcomer to the market still arouses curiosity: intimate deodorant.

Among many people, he can even leave the doubt: what is wrong with the natural smell of the vagina? And the answer is: nothing! Because, just like sweat, odors in the intimate region are physiological, that is, they are part of the nature of the body.

However, like axillary deodorant and foot powder, for example, intimate deodorant appears as an alternative to offer a feeling of freshness and a more pleasant smell to women.

It is not, therefore, a necessity, but it can be seen as an ally for women who are uncomfortable with the natural vaginal smell, appreciate products with mild scents and believe they feel more comfortable/protected with this type of product.

Data from a survey by Vagisil (brand of products aimed at intimate health) pointed out that, in the United States, for example, 12 million intimate deodorants are sold per year.

Patrícia Toniolo Varella Costa, gynecologist and obstetrician at the University of São Paulo, comments that intimate deodorant is relatively new in Brazil. “It arrived as a habit that significantly contributes to making women feel fresher and more comfortable. Because it is practical, it can be carried in your gym bag, clubbing, work, etc. This type of product arose out of a current need in the busy routine of modern women,” she says.

But, after all, how should this product be used? Are there any risks in its use? These are some common questions on the subject, but you can find all the answers below.

How to use intimate deodorant

Patricia recommends applying two sprays on the external area of ​​the vagina and groin. No need to rinse. “In addition to the usual preventive use of deodorant in the morning, active women who have an intense routine can use it throughout the day for touch-up,” she adds.

The gynecologist emphasizes that the woman should not use it more than four times a day.

There are still other ways to use deodorant, according to the preferences of each woman:

  • Apply the product directly on the outside of the intimate area after bathing;
  • Apply the deodorant in the panties in the morning or after shower;
  • Apply the deodorant on the toilet paper, turning it into a wet tissue, to sanitize the outside.
  • Apply a generous amount on the outside of the intimate region, then dry with toilet paper.

where to buy intimate deodorant

Is intimate deodorant still a novelty for you?! In the links below you can see two online stores that already sell the product:

  • Vagisil intimate deodorant for R$16.85
  • Racco intimate deodorant for R$38.90

Is it recommended to use intimate deodorant?

Patrícia reinforces that it is not a matter of necessity, but a matter of choice for women who appreciate resources to feel more comfortable with their intimate hygiene. “It is especially an ally for periods when the woman is menstruating and perhaps more bothered by the odors of the region, so it is optional”, she says.

The gynecologist explains that the intimate area has many sweat glands, even more than the armpits. “So it’s a region with a high level of transpiration. The intimate deodorant has an odor blocking action that prevents the formation of possible odors, without masking it”, she says.

Patrícia highlights that it is essential that the chosen product is approved by the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa), and is developed and tested by gynecologists.

“In addition, it is important to choose a product specially formulated to meet the specific characteristics of the vaginal region, that is, hypoallergenic, alcohol-free, which does not contain bactericides or antiperspirants, etc.”, adds the gynecologist.

According to Patricia, the intimate deodorant can be used without problems after depilation. There are no restrictions. It can also be used before the beach or pool, as it does not contain alcohol and is hypoallergenic.

Intimate Deodorant X Intimate Soap

It is interesting to understand the differences between intimate deodorant and intimate soap.

Patrícia explains that intimate soaps have the function of cleaning and preserving the usual acidic pH of the area. “Common or bactericidal soaps, on the other hand, can contribute to an imbalance and the development of diseases”, she says.

The intimate deodorant is a complement, according to the gynecologist, “which prevents unwanted odors, while not interfering with the flora of the vaginal region, which is a natural element, fundamental for the maintenance of intimate health”.

Beware of Excessive Concern about Odors

It is worth remembering: the use of intimate deodorant, as well as intimate soap, is not a necessity. But yes, a possibility for women who feel a better feeling using this type of product and/or like to use specific products for each region of the body.

It is important for women to pay attention, however, if, behind the desire to use a deodorant or intimate soap, there is no desire to “disguise their own nature”.

Gabriella Squizato, a specialist in integralist aesthetics at Personare, emphasizes that a woman should not be concerned/ashamed of her natural odors. “For the same reason she shouldn’t be ashamed of her hair type or her body shape: because they are part of who she is. Including, not only stop being ashamed, but be proud. When she is aroused, a woman’s vagina releases a fragrance of pheromones that attract and arouse her partner, and every healthy woman with a well-integrated libido can use this to have more satisfying sex,” she explains.

Roberta Struzani, a specialist in gynecology at Personare, adds that women should not be ashamed of their odor either because the excess of artificial scents does not please the opposite sex so much, who like to feel the natural scent of the female genitals. “Using quality intimate deodorant is even positive if not overdone. It should be used after showering and once or twice a day at most,” she guides.

In Gabriella’s opinion, there is an excess of intimate vanity imposed by the hygiene products industry. “This excess serves to reinforce the belief that is passed on to us since childhood that our sexual organs are ‘dirty’ and ‘ugly’. This is imposed because it benefits many people, from society, which thus has more unconscious participants in their personal power, and industry, which increasingly benefits from unhappy and dissatisfied women with their bodies. Can you imagine how many brands would disappear if all women just learned to love themselves?”, she comments.

For Roberta, intimate health care and the odors produced by the genitals are really important. “Because women in particular have many hormonal variations over the 28 days before menstruation. The blood itself in contact with oxygen produces a stronger smell, which can be bothersome,” she explains.

But, after all, to what extent is it healthy/recommendable to take care of intimate health, but without falling into an excess of intimate vanity?

“One should be careful with the exaggeration of intimate deodorants, because the genital has its own natural odor, which when it is well sanitized, is pleasant. This odor is accompanied by a pheromone. The pheromone is interpreted by the partner’s unconscious as a very attractive aphrodisiac”, replies Roberta.

For Gabriella, the limit point a person will identify when they stop feeling comfortable with themselves. “When a product or its advertisement makes you feel inadequate if you don’t use it, it’s good to turn on the ‘alert’ antenna”, highlights the specialist.

Always remember: more important than using a certain product or another, is taking care of your health in general, making regular visits to the gynecologist, taking the requested exams, and, above all, understanding how it works and respecting your own body. If you choose to use intimate deodorant, for example, great, but don’t overuse it. If in doubt, always consult your doctor.

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