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In South Korea, there is a Valentine’s Day every month.

On Valentine’s Day, cities are filled with flowers, chocolates, balloons, stuffed animals and many other types of gifts. People walk hand in hand and restaurants are completely packed. In most countries, Valentine’s Day coincides with Valentine’s Day, February 14th. In Brazil, this celebration takes place on June 12, the day before Saint Anthony’s day – known as the matchmaker saint. But what if this day was repeated every month? Do you think the celebration would have the same force? In South Korea, the 14th is a day for romance and celebrating love.

Today the awesome.club will tell you how Koreans celebrate this day and how they usually express their love.

1. January: Diary Day

On January 14, couples give each other a diary or calendar to mark important dates for the couple and new projects. Thus, they mark the promise of another year together. Also, the present symbolizes the passing of time. It is also in the first month when couples give each other candles of different colors and shapes.

2. February: Valentine’s Day

This day is most common in Western cultures, it is the classic February 14th. For Asian culture, gifts and chocolate are women’s responsibility. According to tradition, chocolates must be prepared by them. Today, many do not, but buy and give as a gift to their boyfriends.

3. March: White Day

4. April: Black Day

In South Korea singles are not forgotten. Men and women wear head-to-toe black and come together to eat the traditional Jajangmyeon: a thick wheat pasta topped with a black soy sauce, vegetables, meat and shellfish. They eat this dish as a comfort for not having received gifts on previous dates, with other single friends. Together, they live in the hope that the coming year will be better.

5. May: Yellow Day

In Asia, yellow is the color of love, and couples wear this color on May 14th. According to tradition, men and women give each other flowers on this day. Preferably the flowers are yellow, but the other colors are not ruled out.

6. June: Kiss Day

In South Korea, every June 14, couples celebrate love in one of the most universal ways possible: with a kiss. Many relationships that have just started also leave the moment of the first kiss until June 14th.

7. July: Silver Day

This day is celebrated by couples who are in a serious relationship. That is, young couples do not celebrate much. The custom is to give expensive and silver gifts, as well as start talking about the future. That’s why the date is usually one of those chosen for marriage proposals or first introductions to families, showing that the relationship has become serious.

8. August: Green Day

9. September: Couple Photo Day

In South Korea, people celebrate couple photo day on September 14th. It is a tradition to take pictures in booths, hire professional photographers or even take pictures with the loved one doing what they like.

10. October: Red Day

The red day is Wine Day. In many countries every October 14th there are fairs and events related to this drink. In Asia, he has never had such strength, but increasingly this day has become a symbol of love.

11. November: Film Day

One of the activities that couples like to do the most is going to the movies together. In South Korea there is a special day to watch romantic movies, either at the cinema or at home. In addition, in recent years couples have taken advantage of this day to give cookies as a gift. Korean cinema features a large number of films that are often seen on this day.

12. December: Hug Day

The end of the year is the winter season in South Korea. The cold brings the desire to receive hugs from friends, family and, of course, the loved one.

What did you think of these Korean traditions? Would you like it to be like that in our country?

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