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I’m going away and my pet will stay at home. What precautions are needed?

Dogs cannot be left alone for more than 24 hours. They must receive periodic visits from someone
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Although there are several pet shops and places specialized in housing dogs and cats in most large Brazilian cities, not everyone can afford to take care of pets. As an alternative, many people leave the animals at home and rely on the help of friends, neighbors or relatives to feed, walk and take care of the hygiene of the animals.

If you are in this situation and you are going to leave your dog, cat or parrot in the care of someone who is not familiar with this task, know that there is a list of basic recommendations for these occasions. Check out some of them below.

Animals accustomed to a specific feed suffer intestinal disturbances when it is suddenly changed. Before you travel, stock up on the usual brand to last until you return. For those who are in charge of feeding your pet, specify the daily amount that must be provided and how many meals the animal must have. It is important to know that some animals go on a “hunger strike” in the absence of their owners. At these times, it is important for the person in charge to be patient and wait for the animal to become hungry.

Many dogs are used to leaving the house once or twice a day and adapt their physiological functions to this routine (ie, they only urinate or have a bowel movement outside the house). Even if it is not possible to go out more than once a day, a single walk, even if brief, must be arranged with the animal’s “tutor”. In this case, it is essential to take a collar, leash and a plastic bag to collect the dirt.

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No one doubts that the pet will miss the owner when he is away for longer. But the suffering is less when the animal has the company of the toys it likes the most. But not everyone is satisfied playing alone. Therefore, whoever is going to feed the little animal should enjoy the trip and play with it a little. Dogs, for example, like to look for objects thrown away, such as balls and bones.

If, on top of that, the kind soul who will take care of your pet can clean up the yard, perfect. Some dogs, when alone, can eat their own feces, which leads to diseases such as worms.

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