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If you are in love with an unattainable man, you may be suffering from Fortunata syndrome

If you know any girl whose platonic love is exaggerated, it is likely that you are dealing with a person who suffers from the so-called Fortunata syndrome, an irrational romantic interest in an unreachable man. The symptoms seem to be taken from a romantic comedy movie, but they are not funny at all for those who suffer from the problem, much less for the men who are the object of this unbridled passion.

In this post, the incredible.club will tell you more about this condition. Stay with us!

What is Fortunata Syndrome?

It is a type of emotional dependence that mainly affects women. They develop an emotional attachment to a guy who is out of their league, such as a married man. It usually arises when women feel an emptiness in their daily lives and, therefore, abandon their goals and turn the man of their dreams into their only goal in life.

It’s not a disease, it’s a syndrome.

This problem is not scientifically characterized as a disease, but as a syndrome, which, in turn, is defined as “a set of signs and symptoms observable in several different pathological processes and without a specific cause.” This syndrome is a kind of emotional dependence, therefore, it is accompanied by completely unconditional love for the desired man, by irrational thoughts and contradictory ideas and comments.


Feeling of love for a man, in most cases married, who has no intention of leaving his wife. Hope without rational basis that the man who is the object of passion will abandon the current woman to live this impossible love. Ability to drop everything if the man asks. Irrational belief that life without this person is meaningless.
Loyalty to the man in his actions and speech and, on certain occasions, even indifference and coldness towards other boys. Contradiction in your feelings towards the spouse of the man who is the object of passion. The victim of the syndrome holds a huge grudge for believing that this woman does not have the “right” to be with her husband. On the other hand, it feeds a desire to look like her physically. Insistence on having a relationship with the man who is the object of desire, no matter how much he refuses.

Who was Fortunata and why the condition is called that

Canadian psychologist Mônica Oala was the first to use this term. And she was inspired by the novel Fortunata and Jacinta, by the Spanish writer Benito Pérez Galdós. In it, the character of Fortunata presents many of the characteristics of women who develop this syndrome. Just read one of the exclamations of this character when referring to the wife of the man of her dreams:

“Your husband is mine and I have to take him away from you (…). Your husband is mine, you stole from me… as one can steal a handkerchief. God is witness. (…) Release him right now or you will see, you will see who I am”. (Free translation).

How to deal with the problem

As with other syndromes, it is essential to seek psychological care to deal with the problem. Historically, the most effective type of treatment has been cognitive behavioral therapy. Once the problem is accepted, the patient works on dealing with it and cultivating the self-acceptance.

Do you know someone who has these symptoms? What would you do to help that person? Tell us in the comments section!

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