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“I will not work for little money!” Why some young people want all the benefits of life without any effort

We often hear that young people today are not willing to build their own career step by step, starting with a low salary. And who don’t want to gradually gain experience, studying, learning and making an effort to get the benefits of life. They, in general, want everything immediately: branded clothes, luxury resorts, apartment in an upscale neighborhood and so on. It is this kind of reflection that the English teacher Apokalipsiya Armageddonovna (that’s her pseudonym) brings in her blog.

We, from awesome.clubwe sincerely believe that this author’s text will move both boomers, who have already accumulated experience, and zoomers, who are just thinking about their future profession.

Once, I was talking to my daughter. She is 15 years old and is, so to speak, a representative of the modern generation.

As we spoke, she was texting a friend. I asked:

– How is she?

— Depressed. Her parents gave her 150 reais as a birthday present. They said they were going to a big city soon. If she wanted, she could use that money to buy something. But she’s already spent it all on futilities. At least he ordered it online instead of buying it here in town. I could buy everything in the stores here without spending money on the front, but it would just be for her to show off! The fact is that, now, she has only 30 reais. And he’s looking on AliExpress to spend the rest on. She sent the list: temporary tattoos, butterfly earrings, cat wallet, purse, fake nails.

I spoke:

“Does she really need all of this?” Especially, the temporary tattoos?

“So she needs to spend money!” And not in our city, because ordering via the Internet is legal.

“I can see your friend didn’t earn that money. “Easy come, easy go,” says a saying. Look, her father works in a factory, right? He could get her a job there for a month. They pay students well, between 700 and 1000 reais per month for four working hours a day. He would only have to pay taxes.

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— Oh! said my daughter. “I already told her replied: “What a shame! I will not work for so little money!” And he added that he prefers to ask his parents for help. But she doesn’t even talk to them.

“Did they fight?”

— No, it’s just that my colleagues, in general, don’t talk to their parents much and the parents don’t talk to them. He knows?

And he added condescendingly:

“I can even talk to you.” Sometimes.

(“Thank you so much, child. I’m glad I can measure up to you once in a while,” I thought.)

Let’s take a moment to reflect. For some reason, I have often noticed this kind of mysterious snobbery in children from middle-class families. And even lower class. I know another girl who has three brothers, no father and her mother works in the same factory. Then the girl said, “No way! Nor will I strive to earn next to nothing!”

But two other kids I know from very wealthy families worked for a month at that company. Afterwards, the girl got a job as a janitor for another month, and the boy worked at a sawmill, pulling logs. And they didn’t do it to help with the family budget. It’s a paradox. I do not understand this. Can someone explain to me?

Returning to the conversation with my daughter. I said:

“So at your age any job you and your peers have and any salary they receive is a big win. Because they don’t have any experience yet. At this stage, nobody thinks things like: “So many years studied to earn so little?” or: “And that’s all she (he) got in life?” You haven’t even studied enough yet, so you haven’t succeeded in life yet. On the contrary, anyone can think: “It’s good that it’s already working!”

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My daughter replied something like:

“You know, a lot of people in our Gen Z don’t want to be like you. They don’t want to survive, earn little money. They don’t want to save. They want to live. From the beginning, having a decent salary and everything. Most of the time, they do.

And gave some examples:

— Now it’s fashionable to sell epoxy crafts. So, do you know how they calculate the price? The work itself costs 20-30 reais, but include the total cost of the material. For example, they charge the full price for a bottle of epoxy, even though they spent maybe three grams. And they may still not finish the work and justify it with phrases like: “Sorry, I didn’t have time to finish.” They are very offended when someone asks the price of the product, but does not buy it because it is expensive. And they comment on these stories on Instagram, like, “What a waste of my time! I kept sending messages, saying the price, but they didn’t order. My product is handmade, it’s not a 5 reais AliExpress ‘mischief’ that you can get rid of in a day. If you are so poor, you shouldn’t even ask.”

And one more example:

— Do you remember a guy from my English class? I had a conversation with him about a future job. What could we do, how much would we like to earn from our work. Then, he had this to say about giving private English lessons: “Receiving less than 35 reais is shameful. I’m not worth so little. I only get ten in English. In addition to being really good at school, I got an A on the ENEM”. But then I decided to talk to his face. I said: “Friend, what makes you think you’re going to get a lot of money just because you get good grades? You can evaluate yourself however you like, but what guarantee is there that the world will reward your self-evaluation? I even have an international certificate, everyone in town knows me and my mother and I only earn 10 reais. Because a student will never receive as much as a professor with a diploma. Even if she is a genius, she will remain a schoolgirl. And I already have money and you have nothing. In addition, I have and will have the work experience when we simultaneously enter the market. Even with the same degree, I will be able to charge a lot more for my work than you do.”

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And laughed:

— I think I shook his little world completely, because he walked around all day muttering: “Why don’t they pay 35 reais? Why don’t they pay 35?” It probably never crossed your mind that there’s a difference between “want” and “get”.

So after that conversation, I came to the conclusion that my daughter is still a little out of step with the precepts of her generation. At the very least, she understands that a recent college grad isn’t going to immediately make a bunch of money unless they’re an outsider or a genius. Or a super expert at something. And let’s face it, there aren’t many people like that, regardless of the sector of the economy. And she said that it was okay to work a few years for little money to get experience. I agree, because I started working as a translator that way. My early career was “underneath”.

However, my daughter also said that she would not work all her life for little money. Or she wouldn’t keep working if she already had a lot of experience, but she kept earning little. But, if she needs it, she will take any kind of job to gain experience. And she knows there’s nothing shameful about building your career step by step.

Did you already work when you went to college or were you in high school? When was the first time they signed your wallet?

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