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“I was happy and I knew”, the love story between Reynaldo Gianecchini and Marília Gabriela that worked even after the end

Love turns out to be a goal for many of us, and sometimes it happens. We live intensely every second, being very happy. However, in some cases, it simply ends, as if we were destined to walk different paths. This was the case of the love between Reynaldo Gianecchini and Marília Gabriela, who lived their almost nine years of marriage intensely and who, even after the end, never lacked respect, affection and, above all, love, which is still alive in the friendship they share .

We, from awesome.clubwe decided to remember the couple’s beautiful relationship, which had to face prejudice because of the age difference without ever losing tenderness and mutual love.

There’s a full moon away

Reynaldo Gianecchini made his television debut in Laços de Família as young Edu, and it took only one soap opera, his first, to become a Brazilian television heartthrob. At the time, the gallant young man was already in a relationship with journalist and actress Marília Gabriela, 24 years older than him. The romance began in 1998, but the couple had seen each other for the first time a few years earlier, during the play Trair e Coçar, É Só Beginning, in which Marília arrived in the final moments for the play to begin and sat down next to the young man. :

“Suddenly someone comes beside me, I saw a big foot… who was it? Marília”. Years later, the couple reconnected again. At the time Gianecchini was working as a model, constantly traveling abroad. The couple hadn’t even named the relationship, but they were already making an effort to stay together: ” Marília would always take a flight and meet me on the full moon, because we met on the full moon. So, we invented this, which is a romanticism, right? Every full moon we were together”.

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relationship without numbers

The couple’s good relationship helped Reynaldo Gianecchini in the beginning of his career. According to himself, Marília was instrumental in his debut on television: “You took me in and supported me so much. You gave me emotional, affective support, you held me and said, look: ‘We have a structure here, let’s not freak out’”.

Marília gave full support to the boy’s career, even didn’t care about the passion scenes that the young man played alongside Vera Fischer. But she recalled that it was very difficult for him to be harassed and criticized because of their age difference. Also, at the time, internet communication was just beginning, meaning bad lines would reach her easily.

A love that lasts forever

The couple lived in a relationship of almost nine years, and those who believe that there was hurt between the two are mistaken. Quite the contrary, according to them, only good things remained: “I was super married, I loved being married, I was married for almost nine years and it was a big wedding, all thinking about the two, divided, very well spoken, very loved”.

Different ways

The marriage came to an end in 2006, but not for lack of love. For Gianecchini, they could have stayed together their whole lives, but he knew they needed to go their separate ways: “Some part of me knew I needed to get out of that little castle, I was very protected”.

The love between them was long and lasts until today, having gone from romantic love to friendship. They always declare themselves to each other through social media, including through photos from the time when they were still a couple. On one of the boy’s birthdays, Marília did not fail to congratulate him and remember the story they cultivated together: “I like him that I curl up with him, as it has to be with the one we love so much one day”.

An eternal meeting of souls

Marília, since the breakup, has never had a serious relationship with another person to the point of getting married. The same happened with Gianecchini: “I have one thing that needs to be the encounter, if not my rational side… I’m very independent, I like to be available for life. So to get me out of this place, it has to be a meeting of souls, like the one we had”.

relationship goal

In addition, Marília and Gianecchini recalled the love and time they spent together in an interview given to Marília’s son, Theodoro Cochrane, on the Téte a Theo program, all with great affection and good memories. A true fairy tale!

Did you already know their story? Do you know anyone who has such a good relationship with their ex-husband or wife? Do you know another inspiring story between couples? Share with us in the comments!

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