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I want your scent here on my pillow, on the covers, in my bed


Your scent, oh, your scent! Here on my pillow, on the covers, on my bed.

On me, as if you were still here. The walls are the only witnesses to how much you are missing on this night you couldn’t make it. And I’m already beginning to admit that I can’t imagine myself without your lovely presence.

We started as someone who doesn’t want anything, playing those little games you play to hide your intentions; so as not to show that what we wanted was a dip in the sea of ​​this passion. Interesting to think that the beginning was like that, a little clumsy, the way you and I carried it without meaning to.


We are two clumsy, inconsequential, passionate and delivered. Dead jealous for any “Hi” the other gets, demanding to be the center of attention in each other’s world. I still remember well that party where you asked me to come back at the end, as it was necessary for you to finalize a pending matter. And I, with the biggest of egos, faced it as a resounding ‘Out’.

Fortunately I was wrong and happy were we on the day when alcohol spoke louder than our pride and in the magic of a stolen kiss this story began. Now I don’t need to steal anything from you anymore, we are officially given to each other. Maybe your heart that I don’t intend to return anyway. I want to drink in the honey of this passion.

I just hope this sweet charm doesn’t end anytime soon.

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Paulinho Rahs


I came to write to you once more.


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