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I tried to get my boyfriend out of a sect until I understood that I was the one who should get away from there as soon as possible.

Sectarianism is a term that refers to the follower of some sect or those who are affiliated with groups of extremist ideology. Many of these groups are religious in nature. Religious sectarianism is quite difficult to hide, and if someone close to you is part of one of these groups, chances are you already know about it.

But what can we do in such situations to help the person in that situation? I am the author of awesome.club and some of my friends have gone too far to reach their goals. I want to share my experience with you, telling you everything I know about such “organizations” with somewhat dubious ideologies. I also want to talk about how we can prevent someone close to joining such groups.

Superhumans who tried to “feed” on the sun

One day, my boyfriend, Timur, received an invitation (on a well-known social network) to a free yoga class, and he accepted. In his words, the class was wonderful and he loved the people he met there. So he decided to pay for the monthly plan. At that moment, I had absolutely no suspicions, as he really had back pain and that would be good for him. After each class, he would come home quite happy, saying how well he was feeling. Gradually, he began to participate in other classes, such as holotropic breathing, which is a conscious dream practice, among other activities. The promise was to “heal” the body, the spirit and provide unlimited happiness.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, if someone in your close circle of relatives or friends is part of a cult, you’ve probably already found out. That’s because it’s impossible to hide. Participants are required to follow the rules and perform the rituals. Timur, for example, began to be interested in the Vedas, practiced mantras, became a vegetarian; So, he started to practice raw foods (eating raw food), and then to drink only juices, in order to achieve his main goal, feed only on solar energy🇧🇷

Big eyes are a sign of impure blood

I knew Timur had new friends, but I wasn’t in any rush to meet them. However, one day he managed to convince me and we went to visit the leader of the group. We were greeted by a 25 year old guy dressed in linen with long hair and a very hippie look. He invited us into the kitchen where people were already sitting on the floor. As soon as I found a place to sit, they opened the topic of conversation: “why should you sell your apartment and go to the forest to build a thatched house?” I thought it was a joke and started to laugh, but I quickly noticed, by the serious expressions of the others, they weren’t joking. It was awkward and I was silent all night. My boyfriend then didn’t ask me for the next date.

Then, on March 8th, I was invited to visit the group again. They didn’t call me by chance, but because they wanted to. demonstrate what a “real” woman should be like. As far as I understand, at meetings to which I was not invited, Timur told them that our relationship was very difficult. First, because I was a parasite that sucked energy and money (money he no had). Secondly, because the man must create a family with a woman whose blood is not mixed with different ethnicities — this rule does not apply to men. They talked about my strong facial features and said that Slavic people usually have big eyes. After that, a girl entered the room wearing a long woolen skirt and a cotton shirt. She had very subtle and small facial features, as well as brown hair. The group pointed to her as if she were the ideal woman, the reference, explaining that her “level” was very difficult to reach.

On the same night, the intimate life of the group was discussed and the leader insisted that everyone switch to tantric lovemaking exclusively. Excuse my rudeness, but since they were following a strict diet and therefore had little physical strength, I imagine that this was the only possible form of love.

Beautiful body and financial success. No gym or business meeting

Timur tried to take me to work in an organization, brought leaflets with information about upcoming seminars and asked me to attend. But I always found an excuse not to go. Over time, however, I noticed that the classes were becoming less “spiritual” and began to focus on modern needs. For example, the girls were offered a course where they would learn how to change their appearance without plastic surgery and Photoshop.

Men were offered another course. The first thing they said when offering this course was that it was shameful to earn less than 500 thousand rubles (about 32 thousand reais) a month and that it would be better not to work for a value less than that. But none of the “professors” who spit this in people’s ears were rich. From their own experience, they all knew what a Ford Focus mortgage and installments were, and they were happy when they managed to sell the seminar registration, which cost more than 3 thousand rubles (about 192 reais).

I went through all the stages as I tried to get my boyfriend out of the cult: anger, denial, depression and then, I came to acceptance. I volunteered to attend the seminars. It seemed to me that I would be able to find something that would compromise the teachings and destroy any arguments he had in favor of the sect.🇧🇷 That was my biggest mistake. My attempts to undermine the group leader’s authority came to nothing. There was always an answer to any question. And these responses almost always ended with statements like “you’re not enlightened enough yet”.

Timur pulled further away from me and started conducting seminars, finding people on the Internet and creating his own courses. So I started to randomly pick someone from the meetings and tell them my story. Some took their partner or partner and left the place at the time. Some people, however, refused help. This was particularly the case for people who had some serious physical or psychological disability. Such people were so frightened by their own health condition that they were ready to believe in miracles, preferring to attend seminars rather than doctors. were convinced that with astral help, it would be possible to cure any diseaseeven advanced stage cancer, and were amazed to hear about others who had allegedly gone through the same thing.

The final straw was when the leaders decided to close all their yoga schools in the city in order to build housing for the people in the community (I was surprised that they would not be made of straw, but of expensive materials). For this, however, each participant should share all the material goods he had. So at night, after this discussion, I noticed that Timur was looking at ad sites and counting how much money he would get if he sold everything he had.

In summer, many rituals were performed by the sect in the wild. People were taken to the forest, where they made big fires, drank tea and talked about various topics. After talking about housing to the community, each one started talking about what they could sell and how they could contribute. Some immediately handed over everything they had in their wallet. At that moment, I realized that I no longer had the strength to continue fighting this movement and I ended the relationship with Timur, as well as with all of his friends.

How My Friend Decided to “Sell” Happiness

Nowadays, however, there is a more common type of cult that has multitudes of followers. And, among the supporters, there are both young people and those who have seen, with their own eyes, the emergence of financial pyramids and network marketing. I recently went to visit my friend Lena, who had just returned from her 2 week vacation. She told me (with pride) that he had resigned from his job because he had found his dream job. When I noticed the pots full of dust that she had in her apartment, I realized that my dear friend had traded a good job for some suspicious activity to say the least.

Lena especially likes it when, in a new place, everyone gives her attention. The “caring” management of the company tirelessly said that all the efforts and money that you invest in yourself are reciprocated doubly by the Universe. With that thought, Lena bought many of the company’s products, went into debt and tried to bring friends and family into this business of supposedly miraculous products.

As in the first case, in the seminars the leaders talk about cured or rich people as a kind of bonus — after all, working in such a place is, in itself, happiness. Managers show bank statements, implying that everyone will earn as well as they do. Lena also seemed pretty convinced that, for some reason, she was working exclusively for herself and not for a company of questionable origin. What do these groups really sell? Blind trust in your selectivity. People believe that they have found an unimaginable “wealth” and that it is others who are not able to see that gigantic potential for prosperity that is right under their noses.

What is the difference between a cult and interest groups

The two stories above are quite different, but accurately and clearly describe how a sect operates:

The person withdraws from the world he is used to and from close people in favor of a new hobbyand cannot continue working or studying as before. Practices can be harmful to health: super strict diets, alternative medicine and sleep restrictions. You are asked to work for the organization: bringing new people into the group, disseminating information in different ways, etc. honesty requirement: The lives of people within the sect are strictly controlled, from diet and sleep schedules to their intimate relationships.

Development of excessive self-esteem: the person is convinced that he is special.

Any criticism of the group’s ideology is prohibited (even if not openly): rituals and fasting are implemented so that people think less and ask less questions.

All the regulars say the same phrases🇧🇷 I know someone is part of a cult when I hear words like: “you didn’t live your fear (or any other emotion), that’s why you have stagnant lymph nodes” or “unhealthy food is the reason for infections, toxins and cancer”. . Or, “To earn millions of dollars a month, you must learn to let go…

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