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I radically changed my life in 7 steps!

I stopped hiding. My hair
redhead draws attention around!
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I was a pretty nerdy teenager. Imagine that, at the age of 17, she was already called madam! My everyday outfit was jeans with a t-shirt
promotional. And I was too lazy just to see my classmates touching up their makeup after lunch.

My mother insisted for years that I go to the dentist to fix my crooked teeth. But I didn’t care about looks. So much that I ate
snacks and milkshake every single day. That took me to 75 kilos at just 1.57 m tall. I no longer had the courage to look at myself in the mirror.

My self esteem was rubbish

When I went looking for an internship, I noticed that, despite having a good resume, people with a better appearance passed in front of me. When
I came to the interview at the company where I am until today, I thought: ”They will want a blonde, cute, skinny…”. I couldn’t believe it when I went
chosen. Then, I gave my all to prove my efficiency.

At that time, I started flirting with a guy. I thought it was great for someone to want to be with me, a fat woman with unruly hair. The courtship lasted six
months, and when it ended, I suffered a lot. I thought I would never be happy again in life!

My mother told me: “Daughter, you are about to graduate, you work in a nice place and you don’t look happy. Invest in you”. She showed me a paper
on which I should write my wishes and pray for them.

I liked the idea of ​​organizing goals. I immediately made a list of goals. And you know what? From 2006 to here I accomplished a lot!

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Check out the list of 7 steps that changed my life

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