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“I am a mutilated mother, but one who has not given up on her essence”, says Cissa Guimarães to CLAUDIA

Cissa Guimarães does not intend to be an example of anything. What she wants is to debug the most terrible agony she has lived
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There is no greater despair than losing a child to death. The actress Cissa Guimarãescover of CLAUDIA June, lost his youngest, Rafael, on July 20, 2010, cowardly run over in a tunnel where he was skateboarding. Exactly one year after the tragedy, Cissa defines herself as “a mutilated mother” who has not given up on her own life. “I have an enormous thirst for life and I drink in large gulps. One of my struts has been ripped off and I will bleed forever, but I cling to that bright light. My commitment is not with sadness”, vents the actress. However, Cissa says she doesn’t want to be a role model for mothers who have gone through the same tragedy as hers. For her, there is no right or wrong way to deal with pain; each one experiences the loss as they see fit, the important thing is to find inner strength and continue living.


The basic looks -which aren’t basic at all- by CLAUDIA from June are beautiful
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The magazine CLAUDIA also features a fashion article with amazing looks for the winter. Take advantage of the coldest season of the year to mix classic clothing pieces with more modern ones. How about, for example, wearing a nice silk shirt with denim shorts and a 7/8 coat. Complete the outfit with 80 thread tights and nice high-top boots. Liked? In issue 597 of CLAUDIA you will find other great tips for looks for the winter.

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maximum anxiety

Know the triggers of anxiety and what you can do to not let yourself be paralyzed by it
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Every season has the anxiety it deserves, and that of our time is tempered by distressing needs: we are harassed by too much information, too many consumer appeals, too many choices. Instead of letting it immobilize, identify and face these enemies that turn life into a pressure cooker ready to explode. Want to get out of anxious mode and find balance? CLAUDIA listed the three fundamental paths:

Be authentic: look at yourself at the table and decide what really matters in your life.

Act today and now: when you have thousands of missions, try not to focus on how difficult it will be to handle everything.

Decentralize your life: the great challenge is to exercise flexibility to accommodate contingencies.

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