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Hydraulic tile: bringing personality to the kitchen decor

Also known as mosaic or hydraulic flooring, hydraulic tile is a type of artisanal coating made from cement, sand, marble powder and pigments, where in its curing process, only water is used and there is no burning, a common procedure. in the manufacture of tiles and ceramics.

Possessing a smooth surface and high resistance to time, with good durability, it also has several options of prints, beautiful mixtures of colors and geometric shapes, causing a unique effect, wherever it is applied.

According to the architect and interior designer Patrícia Lopes, this decorative element originated in the ancient Byzantine mosaics, which were applied to walls as coverings and were widely used in sumptuous European palaces.

Also according to the professional, in Brazil this material was present in residential projects in the mid-1920s, reaching its peak and then being soon forgotten. “Currently it is back in decor, with its vintage and elegant aesthetic, either with its colorful look or in the black and white print, mixing the old with the new and creating a contemporary air in the environment”, he explains.

47 photos that prove the charm of hydraulic tile in the kitchen

Being widely applied to walls and even as a floor covering, hydraulic tile gains a special charm when composing the decoration of the kitchen, brightening and bringing personality to the environment. Check out a selection of ideas that prove this feat below:

1. Hydraulic tile can be the highlight of your decoration

2. Or be the perfect complement within your color palette

3. You can create bright and happy environments

4. Or opt for sobriety and sophistication

5. You can choose to apply in small spaces

6. Or decorate an entire wall with this item

7. Or beautify the kitchen counter

8. It is worth betting on more discreet combinations

9. Or let your imagination run wild, mixing colors and patterns

10. Similar patterns ensure a more minimalist look

11. While the mix of models guarantees something more striking

12. Can only be applied to a small detail

13. Or standing out in the environment

14. Lighter tones ensure a bright kitchen

15. The darkest ones bring personality to the environment

16. Can match the tone of kitchen furniture

17. Or even provide prominence for them

18. It looks beautiful if applied as a floor covering

19. But it is also capable of beautifying any wall

20. It is a good option to delimit spaces

21. Or those who prefer a more monochromatic look

22. It is possible to play with the mix of prints

23. Or bet on just one option for a standard look

24. It is allowed to apply the same model in two different spaces

25. Or even in a single element of the environment

26. It is able to guarantee more rustic airs to the decoration

27. But it becomes a contemporary piece when combined with the right elements

28. Blending in with wood…

29. …and delimiting spaces

30. Giving sobriety to the environment

31. Or bringing some joy and liveliness

32. Decorating from homes with country airs

33. …even apartments with a contemporary look

34. Can be used to highlight a specific area

35. Or to blend in with the decor

36. It is capable of increasing from the decoration of small spaces

37. …even the largest kitchens

38. Democratic, pleases those who like to play with the mix of colors

39. Even the most daring and striking

40. Counting on more modern prints

41. Or helping to expand the environment by being applied to the stand

42. Can be applied to kitchen countertops

43. Or even as an extra charm on the central island

44. Ideal for a black and white stand

45. But having options for those who like something more colorful

46. ​​Delimiting the space reserved for the dining table

With infinite possibilities, it can be applied by mixing patterns and colors, transforming the look from the walls, floors or even decorative elements such as rodabanca and kitchen counters, just let your imagination run wild!

How is the hydraulic tile installed?

Having to be installed, preferably, by specialized labor, the hydraulic tiles do not demand many processes for their application. As the professional explains, they are laid one by one, using a mortar of washed sand and cement, or even a mortar suitable for internal or external laying, recommending that it be applied both on the subfloor and on the piece.

The architect also points out that, as they are handcrafted pieces pressed manually, it is common to find small changes in thickness between them. Despite this, it is not necessary to apply grouts, as these are laid with a dry joint. “After laying, an oil-repellent or water-repellent waterproofing resin must be applied, an ideal material for protecting the coating, but without altering the tile’s characteristics”, teaches Patrícia.

Other alternatives similar to hydraulic tile

As the architect reveals, it is currently possible to find options that simulate the effect of hydraulic tiles such as porcelain tiles, found in different sizes, in matte and glossy finishes, or even ceramic tiles found in sizes 15cmx15cm or 20cmx20cm.

For the professional, these alternatives become a more affordable choice, also standing out in terms of wear resistance, especially when used on the floor, since the hydraulic tile has a greater porosity.

In addition to these two options, there are individual stickers to be applied one by one on tiles or even on painting. “There are also wallpapers in self-adhesive fabric with a hydraulic tile pattern, which can be applied over coatings or paintings, but require greater care, as they are not washable”, he adds.

care and maintenance

Having a simple maintenance, its cleaning can be done using only a damp cloth. The architect also recommends the use of a water-repellent resin, which should be applied annually to prolong the life of this material.

Regarding the necessary care, the professional reveals that this handcrafted material has high porosity, requiring care both at the time of laying so as not to stain the tile, and to avoid prolonged exposure to liquids to avoid stains.

An ideal alternative for those who want a decoration with personality and full of charm, the hydraulic tile is a good option to make the look of your kitchen even more interesting, whether applied as a coating on the walls or floor. Choose your favorite model and bet on this decoration!

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