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How to wear tiaras: adopt the accessory and innovate in hairstyles

The tiara is a very old female accessory that in some places is known by other names such as bow (arquinho) or headband. It can be structured (firm) or malleable, as in the case of headbands made of satin ribbon or other fabrics.

Usually the accessory is seen as a romantic, delicate and very feminine article, very connected to the woman’s first encounter with vanity, as many women end up knowing tiaras when they are still babies and use it until their adolescence at the latest.

However, this idea that tiaras are just for babies, girls and teenagers should be discarded. Today it is possible to find a multitude of models and colors that match any age and occasion. So, don’t be afraid to adopt this piece in your everyday looks.

How to include the tiara in the look

Read below some of the occasions when you can use the tiara and also check out some tips to make the right choice:

Everyday: To go to college, work, shopping, etc… choose a simple model, without many applications. In this way, it is easier to match the clothes you choose to go out. Narrow structured models are darlings of women. Opt for colors like brown, black and navy blue or with a gold or leopard print – it’s a charm.

Weddings, clubs and gala parties: For these events, care should be taken not to wear a tiara that resembles a bridal tiara. Tiaras and headbands with spikes and glitter or golden or silver leather are good options to use in more elaborate looks.

Bride: If you’re getting married, this is the opportunity to wear a nice hair accessory. It can be a princess-style tiara, an embroidered headband or a cap with applications.

Gym: In the gym, it is recommended to use a fabric headband and that it is very comfortable to not disturb during training. That way, you work out without having your hair falling on your face. It is an asset for those who have short bangs.

Babies: If you have a girl and she still doesn’t have enough hair to put on ornate barrettes, use baby headbands. They are comfortable, do not bother the child and make babies even cuter.

These are just a few suggestions, after all you can wear tiaras at any time and occasion you want. But it is worth remembering that it is important to choose a model that is firm on the head without squeezing you and hurting you. Get inspired by some models that can be found in virtual stores:

How to match the color of the tiara with the hair?

The rule in this case is quite simple. If you want the tiara to stand out, choose a shade that contrasts with your hair color. If you want the look to be understated and delicate, opt for a shade similar to your hair.

Make your own handmade tiara at home

If you prefer not to buy your own tiaras, but to make them yourself at home, the good news is that there are a plethora of blogs and videos that show dozens of different ideas for making tiaras at home. Check out some options that are easy to make:

spike tiara

Wireless bow tiara

Leather tiara with bow

How to make a tiara with your own hair

Another option that looks beautiful on your hair is to use your own strands to make a tiara. The only negative point of this alternative is that it is more difficult to do with short hair and, in some cases, it is not possible to do it. Below you can see the video that teaches the step-by-step braid that can be used as a headband (on the forehead) or as a traditional tiara:

Flower Tiara: hit among celebrities

The flower tiara became a hit after the release of Lana Del Rey’s Born To Die video in which she wears a garland of blue roses in different shades. Even celebrities like Kate Middleton, Paris Hilton, Katy Perry and Selena Gomez have been photographed wearing the wreaths or flower garlands. Check out some inspirations in the gallery:

The flower wreath has been widely used in outdoor photo shoots, giving even more subtlety and delicacy to the look. If you liked this idea, enjoy and make your own flower tiara at home. The following video shows a simple step-by-step tutorial that you can do yourself:

You can also find more flower headband inspirations on We Heart It, Pinterest, and Tumblr.

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