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How to wear a women’s tuxedo for you to perfect your elegance

The first version of a women’s tuxedo was introduced by Yves Saint Laurent in 1966 and caused a lot of attention at the time. The new version of the typically masculine piece exudes boldness, empowerment and elegance. From looks for work to a more casual proposal, this wonderful piece will raise the level of any look. Check out outfit ideas below and learn how to wear a women’s tuxedo.

1. Women’s tuxedo can be used in many ways

2. It’s a versatile piece to have in your wardrobe

3. It has a beautiful structure

4. That will enhance your look

5. You can use it with shimmery tones

6. Or bet on the little black dress

7. It looks great in everyday looks

8. And it goes very well with a casual style

9. You can use it in the most formal way

10. Or mark the waist with a powerful belt

11. Going to a party? You can include it in your plans

12. He is very comfortable

13. And guarantees the image of a powerful woman

14. If you want to surprise, choose the dress version

15. But the basics can’t go wrong

16. You can wear it with short shorts

17. Or with pants for a serious look

18. And of course, he as a third piece complements the look

19. The women’s tuxedo is ideal for all occasions

20. Besides being sophisticated, it goes with everything

21. For an informal proposal

22. Pair it with a funky t-shirt underneath

23. Wear your favorite sneakers

24. Or even the jeans

25. Impossible to resist this beautiful piece!

26. If you prefer, wear a tight tuxedo

27. Or choose the oversized version

28. It can be smooth

29. Or have a classic print

30. Throw yourself in a striking color

31. Bet on outfits and look even more beautiful

32. Because this piece exudes modernity

33. And It Will Make You Feel Empowered

34. Regardless of the model or color

35. You’ll rock even more with your women’s tuxedo!

Impossible to resist the women’s tuxedo, isn’t it? And to keep dressing well, check out these look ideas with tweed, the classic fabric with a refined print.

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