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How to wear a belt: the accessory that modernizes your look

The belt has been an ally of women for some time now. Its functions are the most varied, from the usefulness of “holding the pants”, to the act of making a woman more feminine by marking her waist. It is an accessory that does not go out of fashion and, with its most varied models, it makes everyone’s taste.

For the fashion and image consultant, Karla Alves, belts are super trendy, mainly to mark the waist. “They appeared thin, wide, with big buckles or made of different materials.” Whether worn over a dress, coat or blouse, belts help reveal women’s curves.

The 5 main types of belt

As you can see, there is a wide variety of belts, each of them has a more specific function and matches a type of style, clothing and body shape. Discover the main models and learn how to use them:

Thin belt: it is the most delicate belt, perfect for romantic women who identify with the lady like style. They are great for defining the waist without creating volumes. According to Karla, the thin belt is ideal for women who have an hourglass or triangle body shape.

Wide belt: to use this belt, you must be very careful. Depending on your body type and how it’s used, it can create excessive bulk in the bust. Wear it with pants and shorts.

Gold Metal Belt: It has not been long since the metal belt appeared, but it has already gained the preference of women. It’s great to make the look more modern and also more chic. It goes well with all styles and, when worn at the waist, defines the silhouette.

Leopard Belt: The leopard belt is ideal for women who like to get out of the ordinary. It is capable of transforming all looks, even the most basic ones, into super modern ones. Be careful when it comes in maxi print, it can increase the region where it is used.

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Flat belt with buckle: it’s a classic in women’s wardrobe. The belt with buckle is ideal for use on the hip, with jeans or with a belt loop. It transforms the combination of jeans and a basic blouse into a more sophisticated look.

How to combine belt in the look?

It seems like an easy task, but knowing some tips helps when choosing the best belt and the best way to use it and match it to your look. “The belts are very versatile, both at the waist, marking dresses, coats, blouses and shirts, and at the hip, complementing looks with flared pants, skinny pants and shorts”, details Karla.

With the consultant’s tips, five looks were created using a belt with the main pieces of the woman’s wardrobe. Check out:

1. Belt with dress

This is one of the most feminine combinations, the belt marking the waist makes the look ultra-romantic. Wear with loose dresses or flared dresses, never combine with ruffles or dresses with a lot of volume. In the look below, the suggestion is for a more formal look, with the accessories in black and the thin belt at the waist combined with the A-line dress.

2. Belt with jeans

The look below is a very current proposal to use a buckle belt. Flare jeans, basic t-shirt and colorful pumps. Just be careful not to overdo it and load too much on accessories. When you want to wear a very eye-catching belt buckle, along with a colorful shoe, wear clothes in neutral colors.

3. Belt with cardigan

Wearing a belt over your cardigan is a great way to show off your waist even when wearing a coat. The tip also applies to blazers. Choose small belts and preferably the color of the coat, this helps create a well defined and elongated silhouette. In the look below, the cardigan was used with a skirt, but the same trick applies to dresses, pants and shorts.

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4. Belt with shorts

Want to go out with a casual look? Pair the medium belt without details with shorts and a basic t-shirt. Flat sandals help with comfort and the walking mood that the look calls for.

5. Belt with skirt

Another way to wear a belt is with a skirt. When the model is high-waisted, use the belt to further accentuate the waist. Choose flared skirts that enhance your silhouette. Also be careful with the proportions. While wide belts are all the rage, they can create an over-the-top look.

Golden rules for getting it right when wearing a belt

The belt is a style aggregator to your look. “What creates a style and a cool visual identity in a woman or a man is the composition of the look with the right accessories that give personality to the look”, details the fashion and image consultant, Karla Alves.

Here are some tips to never go wrong when wearing your belt:

  • If you are very skinny, be careful when using it, both to mark the waist and hips. Belts that are too big can exaggerate the marking and end up creating an unsatisfactory result. Choose medium or small size belts. If the belt is too big for you, have a shoemaker adjust it. There is also the hint of tying it with a knot at the end.
  • For fuller women, the tip is to pay attention to what you want to mark and value. Belts that are too wide are also not ideal for curvier women and tend to draw more attention rather than accentuating the waist. The thin and medium models are good options. Do not wear a belt with too many details, as they can also have the opposite effect.
  • Belts can be worn on formal occasions as long as they are appropriate for these events. “On formal occasions, the best belts are the thin ones, complete with crystals, stones or metals”, adds the consultant.
  • The tip given by Karla to store the belt and not deform it is to hang it by the buckle and leave it as taut as possible “It can be on the jewelry hook or tying them with a satin ribbon on the hanger is also an option “, suggests.
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Where to buy beautiful belts?

With so many types of belts and a huge variety of possibilities for use, it’s always good to have an extra belt in your wardrobe. Check out a selection of the piece that makes all the difference in your look below:

Learn different lashings for the belts

To create even more charm in your look, bet on different lashings with the belt. “The traditional knot on the side of the buckle is a classic and looks great on thin belts, making a bow with one end is also super cool for hip belts when the end is falling off”, says Karla, I add the tip of gluing the belt with double-sided tape to keep it in place.

See in the video below three tips on how to tie the belt in a very charming way:

Bloggers also use

Are you out of inspiration on how to wear your belt? See below several looks of bloggers with a belt and take the opportunity to get inspired and apply in your day to day:

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