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How to use fruits in decoration

Do you like fruits? In addition to eating them, have you ever thought about using them as decoration elements in your dining room, living room or even in special events and occasions? Well, know that from fruits, colorful and fragrant compositions can add color and naturalness to the environment. Look how to use fruits in decoration combining them with other no less interesting elements:

At home, keeping fresh fruits as part of home decor tends, when done right, to arouse the interest and appetite of adults and children, enriching the daily diet – they contain vitamins, minerals and fiber essential to the body -, as well as adding modernity. and creativity to parties, desserts and breakfasts.

However, commonly known, fruit arrangements are often used at weddings, proms and graduations, and vary to suit the different seasons. Therefore, pay attention to important details: their validity, as well as the state they are in, and more: dose the quantity and diversity of fruits used, thus avoiding transforming the environment into a thematic space.

In addition to being delicious, fruits in the decoration bring an extra charm to the environment. In the house, they can serve as a contrast between furniture or complement existing colorful spaces. Arrangements of fruits do not require vases, as in the case of flowers, and suggest several different assemblies and containers, such as fruit bowls, wooden bowls, metal teapots and porcelain plates.

Decorators and florists, in turn, mention that fruits can be added to flower pots and foliage. Apples and oranges, for example, demand a rural climate, as well as strawberries, raspberries and cherries are elements to associate sophistication, sensuality and vitality to the medium, when used. Appetizing and eye-catching fruits in the decoration can also be appreciated, tasted.

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The boldest, however, big red peppers, dark mini aubergines and even artichokes contained in transparent containers beautify the interior of homes and the layout of special occasions. For daytime events on hot days, however, roses and lemons add freshness and color to the decor. Opt for sober containers and bases, such as black or cream, to attract attention to flowers and fruits.

Therefore, rustic places can be decorated in dark green tones. Dark foliage can be combined with green apples for an elegant tone-on-tone space, oranges and lemons for originality, and dark plums for more sobriety. As a differential, open tulips, large roses, gypsophila branches and varied foliage can be used.

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