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How to thin or thicken hair strands

It is very common that, at least at some point in life, some women want to change their hair. If they’re short, they want to let it grow, if they’re long, they want to cut it. If they are straight, they want to curl, if they are curly, they want to straighten.

Another change that many are looking for is trying to thin or thicken the hair strands, decrease or increase the volume. This makes the entire cut gain other dimensions and the thickness of the strands can change the look completely.

But it is necessary to know that structural changes in the wires are very delicate and do not always have the expected result. That’s why it’s good to know the effects of each procedure very well before jumping in!

How to thicken the wires?

You’ve probably heard of several techniques that promised to make the wires thicker, giving a fuller effect, right? We talked with Dr. Juliana Spector, dermatologist specializing in hair therapy, to find out what can really help to make the wires healthier and with a good volume. Check out the four options commented by the expert:

1. Supplement with Biotin

“Biotin has been used to help induce hair growth. Normally, a balanced diet is sufficient to provide the daily needs of biotin, but in cases of malnutrition or certain diseases it is possible that the body needs additional doses of biotin. But a caution: excess biotin can cause hair loss”, she warns.

2. Eat a nutritious diet

“Having a nutritious diet is important for health as a whole, including for the growth of strong and healthy wires”. Consult your nutritionist to work together with the dermatologist.

3. Relieve stress

De-stressing won’t exactly make the strands thicker, but excess stress can trigger or increase a hair loss process, leaving your hair less voluminous as a whole. Therefore, it is worth facing the problems and trying to solve them. If you need it, be sure to seek professional help.

4. Supplement with Pantogar

“Any supplementation should be prescribed only in the presence of deficiency losses. Excess of certain vitamins can produce the opposite of the expected effect. But when correctly indicated, this medication can help increase hair mass,” he explains.

Whatever technique you want to add more body to your hair strands, it is very important to do it under the supervision of a trusted dermatologist.

Thin the wires: a good or a bad idea?

On the other hand, there are also those who want to thin the wires, leaving them with less volume and a more contained look. The problem is that thinning the wires is almost always synonymous with damaging the wires.

According to hair therapist Vaneza Arruda, “the hair shaft (thread) is formed by keratinized cells that have as one of their functions to prevent the penetration of chemical agents. When using methods that attack this penetration barrier, the cuticles are damaged and the wires thin”.

Here are some examples of procedures that end up harming the wires:

  • Brush: Brushing the hair causes a lot of friction and exposes the wires to a lot of heat (heat is also a harmful factor in flat irons and curling irons).
  • Chemical procedures: Straightening, progressive brushes and other procedures such as these alter the structure of the wires, which can make them too thin or even cause hair loss.
  • Using coconut soap: In addition to having no scientific proof that coconut soap safely thins hair, it ends up damaging them by removing the protective fat, says Dr. Christiane Braga.

What you can do to make the strands look more controlled is to invest in hair treatments or simple tricks to leave the strands well-nourished. Check out:

  • Masks and Finishers with Mineral Oils: “What happens with products with mineral oils is the sealing of the cuticles, which visually reduces frizz giving a more disciplined look, with less volume”, said Dr. Juliana.
  • Wash your hair with cold water: Using cold water helps to seal the scales of the strands, giving a much better and healthier look to the hair as a whole.

There are many other techniques that promise to work wonders and deliver the result you expect for your hair, but be careful not to get pierced! The best thing is to always moisturize, treat and take good care of your hair so that it stays strong and healthy.

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