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How to take care of spirituality in times of coronavirus? LOOK HERE!

Learn how to take care of spirituality amid a pandemic. The new coronavirus pandemic scares many people, and it is no wonder, it is a global concern.

However, keep a sane mind and know how to take care of spirituality is one of the main recommendations to overcome this moment of crisis.

How to take care of spirituality amid the pandemic

Want to know how to take care of spirituality to face the coronavirus pandemic? So check out in this article everything you need to know to stay balanced, spiritual and in harmony in your home.

How does spirituality see the Coronavirus?

First, we must consider that the coronavirus pandemic is a global problem. This, among many other world crises, brought a very important reflection: the need to rethink the way of life of humanity.

The planet is in a constant cleaning work and regenerationand this should be taken to human life as a learning about the importance of rethinking one’s habits and lifestyle.

Therefore, spirituality understands that the present moment is one of renewal, regeneration and obviously of changes. Disconnecting from the material, enjoying the present moment, cultivating relationships and practicing charity are some of the lessons that people can learn about everything that is happening in the world.

This is a more than opportune moment to evolve our spirituality, to be in contact with the Spiritual Plan, to do good, to leave everything that makes us sick and to cultivate love for others.

Social isolation and care for spirituality

Social isolation is a measure adopted in Brazil and in several countries to reduce the spread of the virus. This protective measure has been widely discussed in Brazil about its importance, after all, there are two sides that must be considered: the first is to avoid a collapse in the public health system and the other is to support families.

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So, let’s empathize with those who think differently, after all, not even the great world leaders have reached a complete consensus on the subject. So if you can stay at home, take this measure! This will protect you, your family and many other people.

Knowing this, for those who are in social isolation, they know that taking care of spirituality is a great challenge right now. After all, this is a new situation for many people and it brings several complications, such as: fear of getting sick or that a relative will get sick, fights in romantic relationships, concern about finances and the job market, among many others.

If you are going through this situation, feel that your relationship is getting more and more worn out or that there is a big burden on your back, here are some tips to cultivate spirituality in this moment of social isolation.

  • Vibrate love and energies positive for your cells
  • Practice solidarity, compassion, love of neighbor, empathy and charity
  • Cultivate your relationships, whether with children, partner, father, mother or someone else who lives with you
  • Have attitudes that contribute to your physical health, such as dancing, exercising, eating well, among others
  • Have attitudes that contribute to your mental health, such as forgive, pray, meditate, repent, rejoice, have fun, hope, love yourself and spread love

How to take care of spirituality during quarantine? fears and insecurities

One of the biggest concerns of those who are unable to work right now is about the future of their finances. How will the job market be in a few months? When will we get back to work? Will I be fired? Insecurities and fears make us even more fragile. Therefore, it is necessary to cultivate spirituality, have faith and hope for better days.

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As well as those who are concerned about their own health. Even with healthy habits and health up to date, the Covid-19 has already claimed young victims who did not have any other disease. Therefore, the concern about contracting or seeing a relative with coronavirus is great.

In any case, spirituality helps maintain sanity, be in touch with the Spiritual Plane and restore the energy needed to think about a better future. If you are going through one of these situations, don’t be afraid or ashamed to ask for help.

Spiritual Help

Those who find themselves lost in this moment of great difficulty can ask for Spiritual Help through Consultations and works that make it possible to open paths. Spiritual Help is recommended for moments when we find ourselves lost and not knowing what to do.

Spiritual Cleansing

If you feel that you are carrying a greater burden than you can handle, that your life seems to be being drained and your energies are running out, then Spiritual Cleansing can help you. This work makes it possible to remove negative energies, restore energy balance and provide harmony to your home.

How to take care of spirituality during quarantine? fights in relationships

Although all relationships have fights and disagreements, when placed under pressure, worries, fears and insecurities, and mainly, confined in the same environment, these disagreements can become frequent. So, know that it’s not your fault or your partner’s, but all the pressure the world is experiencing right now.

The world is overloaded with worries, negative energies, insecurities and bad vibes. Thus, this is the ideal time to strengthen our faith, cultivate spirituality and restore balance in the love relationship.

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Regardless of the situation you are living in your relationship, know that there are Spiritual Works that can help you, such as Amorous Mooring. Do you feel that your relationship is fragile? Are fights frequent? Have you ever considered ending the relationship or are you experiencing another problem in your dating, engagement or marriage? keep in mind that Amoração Amorosa can help you.

In addition to the Mooring, you can go through the Spiritual Cleansing to get rid of negative energies and bring all the positivity your family needs right now. Spiritual Works are great allies to overcome these moments of crisis, so consider Spiritual Help if you are going through a difficult situation to deal with.

So, do you want to know how to make a spiritual work? schedule your Spiritual Consultation how it isspiritualist Maicon Paiva here at the . We are currently attending only on the internet due to the recommendations of social isolation, so you will be able to count on all the comfort, secrecy and support of online service.

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