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How to smell fresh without using perfume

When we think of a scented person, the first thing that comes to mind is perfume. After all, is there anything more remarkable than someone who, when he passes by, leaves that delicious scent of perfume in the air?

However, perfumes are not the only resource we can use to have a good smell on our skin, hair and clothes. Investing in products with a fragrance that stands out and resembles perfumes is the option for those who do not like perfumes or who are allergic to the substances present in them.

Here are some of the items you can find in cosmetics stores, supermarkets and pharmacies that are allies for those who like to always smell good even without using perfume.

1. Moisturizer

Body moisturizers have a basic function: to leave the skin soft and hydrated, with a healthy appearance. While some are fragrance-free, others have an amazing scent that leaves the skin very fragrant. Because they are creamy, they adhere well to the skin and the scent lasts all day.

2. Body oil

Oils are the most “powerful” version of moisturizer, as they moisturize even the driest skin, leaving it silky smooth. In general, body oils have strong and striking fragrances, making them a good option for those who prefer not to wear perfume and still have soft skin. These products, however, are not suitable for oily skin.

3. Liquid soap

Bar soaps usually have more subtle aromas, usually have that bath, cleaning smell. Liquid soaps have versions that smell more like perfume than soap, which makes them a good alternative to use instead of perfume. Swap bar soap for liquid and notice the difference.

4. Clothes flavoring

Another way to always smell fresh, even without perfume, is to use air fresheners on your clothes. Once dry, spray lightly on them and store. In addition to you, the wardrobe will also be fragrant. If you prefer, you can make your own homemade clothes freshener. Investing in a good fabric softener will also make your clothes smell good and you’ll exude a good scent wherever you go.

5. Makeup with scent

There are currently several lines of scented makeup on the market. Some people like it and some people don’t like using flavored products, so it’s important to experiment and find out if this is a valid option for you. Products like gloss and lipstick are the ones that have the most scented versions, but you can find all kinds of scented makeup nowadays.

6. Scented enamel

In addition to makeup, you can also bet on scented nail polishes to keep your hands smelling good. In general, the scent of the product fades over time, but it lasts longer than a day on the nails.

6 tips to smell good even without using perfume

  1. If you have a bathtub, use bath salts with your favorite scent, so the scent penetrates your skin and you stay all day smelling it on your body;
  2. When washing your hair, apply the shampoo and rinse 2 times each time, this will make the smell of it stick more in the hair;
  3. Prepare a foot bath with warm water and bath salts, in addition to relaxing, your feet will smell pleasant;
  4. Always have a bottle of hand moisturizer in your bag, so when you think your perfume or the smell of the moisturizer is gone, apply the product to your hands and feel fragrant again;
  5. Remember that when ingesting foods such as garlic and onions, their strong smell is exhaled by our body, in sweat and this can leave an unpleasant smell in the body. Despite this, they are healthy foods, essential in everyday life, so be sure to consume them, but on special days when you want to smell good, avoid eating them in excess;
  6. Apply moisturizer or oil to the body after a warm bath, as this way the product will be better absorbed by the skin while the pores are more “open” and the scent will last all day.

In addition to using these resources to make yourself more fragrant, you can also keep the environments you frequent with a pleasant smell. Studies show that aromas have a strong influence on people’s general well-being, so investing in good room flavorings is also recommended.

If you don’t like to use flavorings, other options are scented candles, incense, scented sprays with automatic application, among others.

And for those who want to opt for a more natural alternative, flowers are also great allies of a well-scented home. But it’s important to make sure that anyone who uses the environment is allergic to pollen.

Flowers such as manacá-de-cheiro, gardenia, camellia, jasmine and lady of the night have a striking aroma, being considered some of the most fragrant flowers that exist. And in addition to leaving a good smell in the house, they make the environments even more beautiful.

By following these tips, it’s easy to keep yourself and your home smelling fresh without using perfume. Use alternative resources and enjoy the pleasant aroma, after all it is a delight to be around people with a pleasant smell. But remember a detail: very strong aromas can cause allergies and discomfort in other people, so opt for mild fragrances when you are socializing.

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