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How to Resume Marriage? See These 5 Steps! – Restart space

You have decided to break up, but that does not mean that this is the end of the relationship. Every relationship can go through difficult situations, such as a divorce, for example, and recover again. So if you want tips on how to get back together, then you’re in the right place!

In this article we have brought you a step-by-step guide with 5 important steps for you to recover your marriage. Next, we will explain in detail what you must do to resume a marriage. Check out!

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See tips on how to get married again!

Is it possible to resume a relationship?

If your relationship has ended, but you really want to get back together, the first thing you should be asking yourself is if it’s possible to get back together. Know that yes, every relationship can be resumed as long as there is a willingness on the part of one of the parties to do so.

Of course, this is not just about how to resume marriage, but know that every loving relationship can be recovered if there is will, love and the possibility of a future together, based on the Spiritual Plan.

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What to do to resume a marriage?

Knowing that it is possible to restore a romantic relationship, you need to know what to do to restore your marriage. Asking him or her to come back to you may not work out the way you expect. It takes more than that to get your love back. Below you can check out a step-by-step guide with the 5 steps to recover your marriage.

5 steps on how to get married again

If you want to have that person back in your life, follow these 5 steps that will help you get your marriage back together:

1. Try a friendly approach

The first step in getting your relationship back together is to try to make a friendly approach. This means starting a dialogue with lightness, in an unpretentious way and without any kind of charge. Remember, you are separated and the idea is to get him or her to come back to you, ok?

In that case, give an excuse to start the dialogue like: “I need to get something I left with you, can we arrange a day to do this?”, or else, “Could you help me with this problem, it’s just that I haven’t I know who to turn to right now.”

This first contact needs to be subtle and serene. So avoid mentioning what happened between you, don’t talk about hurt feelings, don’t beg for his or her love, and don’t play games.

2. Talk about what happened

Once you’ve established a dialogue and maintained that contact with him or her, you should start talking about what happened. A great way to do this is to say, “I’ve been thinking these past few days, regardless of who was right or wrong, I don’t want you to carry a grudge about something I said. So I would like to apologize for the things I said in that moment of euphoria.”

It is important that you show that you feel solidarity with the other’s feelings and that you can understand everything that happened more clearly after this time apart.

In this conversation, avoid pointing fingers, don’t criticize, control your emotions, don’t beg for his or her love, maintain respect, apologize and show empathy.

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3. Talk about changes

Something that might spark this person’s interest in getting back together with you is talking about change. If the relationship came to an end, it’s because something went wrong along the way. Therefore, changes can bring a new look to the relationship and awaken interests that were dormant.

An example of this is the change in routine, with new eating habits or physical exercise, for example. Talk about changes that can bring benefits, if you decide to resume the relationship, such as “I’m practicing meditation to be a calmer and more understandable person”, “I finally did what you said so much, I’m discovering myself with this new hobby”, ” this moment called for some changes, so I revamped the look”, among other examples.

4. Remember the past

When you feel the time is right, remember things that happened in the past, like the first kiss, the first date, the first “I love you”, special moments you spent together, marriage, the birth of children, travel. that they did together, among others.

Start by saying that you were looking at the photo album and you remembered something important for both of you, for example: “I was looking at the photo album today and I remembered that trip we took to Spain. That was 5 years ago, right?”

Let him or her talk about what he or she remembers, too, and make the conversation friendly, respectful, and nostalgic. If possible, send music and photos so that person can feel that magic again.

5. Make your intention clear

After all these steps, he or she is likely to be much more receptive to getting back together. So this is the time to make your intention clear. But be careful, you must not look desperate. So no begging for that person’s love, okay?

Speak cautiously, but always make it clear that you still love him or her and would like to try again. For example: “this time we were away from each other was important for us, I matured a lot. And believe me, what I felt for you hasn’t changed. I would like another chance with you, to do it differently this time.”

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How to permanently resume marriage?

Even with this step by step, you may find it difficult to get your marriage back, as this will also depend on how he or she will react to this attempt. But if you can’t get your marriage back together following these tips, you can still try to win your great love again with the help of Spirituality.

Here at you will be able to carry out Spiritual Works for love, such as Amorração Amorosa. This powerful work is capable of eliminating all negativity, warding off bad influences and attracting positive energies so that you can win back your loved one.

Make a Spiritual Consultation with Maicon Paiva now and discover the ideal Spiritual Work to have that person you love back in your arms.

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