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How to prevent personal problems from interfering with your professional life

Reconciling feelings related to family, friends and romantic relationships, health, financial situation, studies and the realization of dreams with the work routine is not a simple task, because both the attempt to suppress problems to maintain an adequate posture in the corporate environment, as well as the free expression of emotional imbalance are harmful.

Having the discernment that it is necessary to let the world happen outside while you are working, separating essentially personal aspects, while we live our professional moments, is essential to maintain tranquility in the routine.

Professionals do not need to ignore their feelings, but they should try to ensure that they do not change their efficiency and their understanding of relationships with colleagues, when there is professional criticism, for example.

Perception and relationship of companies with professionals with personal problems

According to Adriana Souza, Human Resources analyst at Catho Online, most companies are able to notice when there is a problem in the life of their employee: “The behaviors vary from person to person, each one has a type of reaction, but normally, an employee with personal problems presents a drop in performance, mood swings, isolation, low attention, easy dispersion, among others”.

In general, the difficulties of working hard and enthusiastically when there are psychological problems, worries about overdue accounts, sick relatives or heartbreaks are seen with understanding by companies. Many firms provide some form of support, but complacency regarding interference in productivity, attention and interest in the work activity has its limits, as the professional must demonstrate willingness to get out of the problematic situation by asking for help and demonstrating overcoming it.

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Search for help in the company

As much as counting on help within the company for a personal matter may seem strange, this option is viable: “If the problem is of a financial nature, the company can help by granting a salary advance or a payroll loan. If it is a matter of health, offering immediate care and advising the professional to seek the proper treatment. If the case is chemical dependency or psychological conflicts, suggesting therapy. The Human Resources area or the company’s Occupational Health department can be a real ally.”, says the writer and speaker in Human Resources Management Tom Coelho.

However, the search for help within the company must be done carefully, so that it does not result in unwanted exposure. Knowing how to filter information and report the problem, even if superficially, allows the hierarchical superior not to understand the difficulties of concentration at work as sloppy and facilitates access to employee assistance programs that some companies offer.

Tips for professional behavior in the face of personal difficulties

  • Avoid isolation, failing to share your problems with those closest to you, because as working hours are long, if there is no type of dialogue, the possibility of accumulating stress is greater;
  • Also avoid overexposure. Do not share your desires with everyone around you, as it is possible that there will be people interested in listening to your questions only to discover your weaknesses to use in attacks against you in the future;
  • Be discreet, making sure that your personal matters are handled in a private manner. Try to close the door or walk away when dealing with personal matters on the phone during working hours. If you’re solving personal problems from the computer, be sure to close chat windows or websites when you leave the room for a moment;
  • Don’t cry in public, as some people may not understand your moment of weakness and use your emotional exposure in a wrong way that could harm you.
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In addition to taking care of behavior in times of difficulty, the professional must seek alternatives to keep the reins on the expression of their feelings by meditating, relaxing, distracting themselves, occupying the mind with other matters than the problem, or finding religiosity within themselves. .

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