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How to plan a cheap and fun children’s party: ideas and photos to inspire you

Celebrating birthdays is a delight, even more so when the birthday person is one of the most important people in the world to you: your child.

Children’s parties are almost a tradition and are a way to bring friends and family together, help the child to assimilate their own growth and create a joyful memory for your little one.

However, when we talk about parties, we soon think about expenses and this fact ends up discouraging many parents when planning their children’s birthday.

But creativity is an ally in these situations and makes it possible to create a beautiful, fun and cheap party. Want some ideas? Check out tips, tutorials and lots of inspiration to celebrate your child’s birthday in style and economy.

10 steps to ensure a nice and cheap party

Again, throwing a cool party doesn’t mean spending a lot. Just be creative, make your choices and have people willing to help you. Here are 10 simple steps that can help make your party a success.

1. Choose a very adaptable theme: at children’s parties, the theme says a lot about the other choices in decoration, so choosing a theme that allows you to create on top of it can be a good choice. Colors, animals and playful elements, such as mushrooms and umbrellas, are inspirations that fit this line.

2. Capriche in place: choosing a place that is already cool without any decoration is a great way to save money. When choosing, consider the number of guests and, as the party is for children, look for places where the little ones can play freely and safely.

3. Make your own decoration: decoration can generate a lot of expenses depending on the type chosen, but decoration can gain a special touch and be more accessible when investing in handmade ornaments. In addition, you can also make the invitations at home. The plethora of ideas and tutorials available on the internet is huge!

4. Borrow items from your friends’ children’s parties: another alternative to save on decoration is to check if any friend or friend of yours has decoration items to borrow. Children of the same age group often have similar tastes, so you can reuse decorations from other parties and even buy the decorations together with friends.

5. Listen to the child’s opinion: it’s no use planning all the details of your little one’s party and at the time he doesn’t like what was done. You may even be the person who knows your child the most, but it doesn’t hurt to share the process with him and listen to him. No doubt he can help!

6. The family must participate in the organization: a very welcome help is that of the family members, whatever the configuration. This ranges from the first planning decisions, to the final details before the party. Doing this as a family is a way to make the celebration even more special.

7. Ask friends for help: having extra help is always good, as long as there is goodwill and respect. With that in mind, call on people you trust (friends and relatives) to share tasks and complement ideas. In addition to lighter, work will be more fun!

8. Invest in easy and cheap foods to make: there is no one who can resist the good old hot dog, popcorn, boiled corn… When defining the menu, try to think of affordable, easy to make and eat delicacies that please both children and adults.

9. Prefer serving juices instead of soft drinks: juices, in addition to being a healthier option, can save you money in different ways. If you or someone close to you has a fruit tree at home, if you choose the fruit in season (which will be cheaper) or if you choose high-yield industrialized options, such as concentrated juices.

10. Capriche in games: games are a way to liven up a party at no cost or spending very little. Think of activities that match the theme of the party and the age group of the guests. Options that involve adults and children can be a good choice to get everyone on their feet and have fun.

6 easy decorations that set the tone for a birthday party

Often the theme generates ideas for specific decorations, but there are some ideas that look good on any birthday. Check it out and learn how to make six of these easy and versatile ideas to use in your party decor:

1. Happy Birthday sign

To make a simple Happy Birthday sign you will need EVA, scissors and masking tape. Just cut out the letters and stick them on the wall. To make it easier, it is advisable to use a template for the letters.

In addition to the option of cutting the isolated letters, it is possible to invest in the flag type model, cutting flags, attaching them to a string and writing the letters with pens or even cutting the shape of the letters on the flags, creating the hollow effect.

2. Lighting and flashing lights

Investing in lamps is a great way to decorate and at the same time add a special touch to the party lighting. There are several types of lamp, but here are two ideas to use at children’s parties: the flasher and the cloud lamp.

About the flashers, you can simply hang them in a strategic place at the party, behind the cake table for example, or customize it to make it more in line with the party theme.

Check here for an idea to customize your flasher and make it more elegant.

The idea is quite neutral and therefore adapts well to different themes and decorative lines. But it is possible to change the colors of both the lights and the string, as well as the polka dots, or choose just the ball or string.

As for the cloud lamp, it is a great choice for children’s birthdays because it brings a playful touch to the party and also matches different themes. Learn how to make this easy and charming lamp in this video.

3. Decorations with simple balloons

Balloons are a cheap and super versatile decoration, as well as serving as a souvenir for children. One of the simplest decorations to make with balloon is the flower, you will need two colors of balloon, one for the petals and one for the brains, the colors can vary according to the chosen theme.

Just inflate the balloons (the ones with the petals should be bigger than the ones with the brains), tie them two by two, roll two pairs of petals and the brains in the center of the formed flower. Finally, just fix the balloon flowers on the wall, creating the composition you want. Check out the step by step in more detail in this video.

In addition to this, there are many other ways to decorate using balloons, such as nailing them to the ceiling with ribbon, using them as a centerpiece or creating columns and arches to compose the entrance or a background for photos.

4. Ribbon Curtain

A background for photos or the main table at the party is usually something that requires special attention. A simple idea to create an interesting background panel is the ribbon curtain. See how to create yours at home here.

As you can see in the video, the idea is super easy to reproduce. In addition to practicality and economy, another advantage of the idea is its adaptability, you can use different types of ribbon (crepe paper, satin ribbon, thread, colored paper) and create different compositions such as a plain curtain with the ribbons attached to the side. by side, from the combination of braided wires, paper chains, among other options.

5. Silk pom pom

The pom poms have gained popularity in the decoration of parties, after all they are an alternative to the traditional balloon. As an advantage, pom poms have incredible versatility, as they can be made in different sizes and colors and make up backgrounds for the table, fixed to the wall or hanging from the ceiling, centerpieces, among other things.

Learn how to make a silk pom pom in the video.

In addition to changing the sizes, colors and functionality of the pom poms, you can invest in other materials and types of pompom, such as producing it using tulle or investing in ready-made paper lanterns, balloons and flowers.

6. Pet tiaras

Investing in accessories that serve both to decorate, amuse and increase the children’s games at the party and as a birthday souvenir is a super cool way to save money.

Capes, masks, tiaras, magic wands… any type of accessory is valid, it all depends on the age of the children and the theme of the party. A very cute idea in this sense is the kitten tiara, which adapts to different themes. Learn a tiara model here.

The tiara in the tutorial is made with beads, but it is possible to work with EVA or felt. In the case of other accessories, the material options are even wider. Just think around the theme of the party and your craftsmanship and get creative.

More birthday party inspirations

Check out more ideas and inspirations to help you plan and decorate a children’s party, combining economy and style:

A party can be beautiful and at the same time cheap and simplicity is allied when making choices. Gather the best tips and inspirations for you and unleash all your creativity to create a super special and whimsical party for your child!

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