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How to peel garlic in a practical and hassle-free way

A key ingredient in the preparation of the most diverse recipes, garlic is part of everyday meals and brings a unique flavor to dishes. That’s why we’ve selected the best techniques on how to peel garlic that are practical, simple and super creative and will help you avoid ready-made versions that, in addition to being more expensive, are still less nutritious and tasty!

In addition to simple tips, which use only the knife or hands, there are other unusual and surprising ones. Check out a super practical step-by-step below and then videos with the most diverse methods of peeling garlic and adopt your favorite to make your life in the kitchen easier:

how to peel garlic

To peel garlic as simply as possible, all you will need is: a large plastic jar with a lid and, of course, garlic cloves. Without a knife or task-specific household items, you can have perfectly peeled garlic in seconds!

Step by step

  1. First, start by breaking the garlic head into individual cloves;
  2. Now, place the garlic cloves inside the plastic pot and cover it, sealing it well;
  3. Then shake the pot very hard, so that the garlic cloves hit the surface of the pot. Repeat the process for about 20 seconds;
  4. Ready! Now, just open the pot, remove the peeled garlic and prepare your favorite recipe.

See how easy it is? Now, cooking with fresh garlic is much more practical and even a little fun!

Other ways to peel garlic

Creativity is a great ally in the kitchen – for this reason, be sure to try these different and innovative tips and discover unusual and very practical ways to peel garlic:

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1. How to peel garlic in water

By soaking the garlic in water for a few hours, you can make the peeling process easier. Using utensils that everyone has at home, this step-by-step guide is ideal for those looking for practicality.

2. How to peel garlic with a knife

Classic and foolproof, this technique is perfect for those who have mastered the kitchen knife and, of course, don’t want to get too many dishes dirty. For small amounts, the tip is to use only a knife and a cutting board to peel the garlic!

3. How to peel garlic by hand

It is possible to peel garlic using only your hands, if you know the right way. In this video, you learn the ideal technique for those moments when you have nothing to help you.

4. How to Peel Garlic in Turbo Chef

Ideal for those who don’t have more powerful tools, such as food processors, this video teaches you how to use a manual processor to peel garlic. Thus, it is possible to save as much money, when buying the equipment, as time.

5. How to Peel Garlic in the Microwave

In just 20 seconds in the microwave, the garlic comes off the skin and you can peel it much easier! Just put the whole head of garlic in the equipment and then wait for it to cool down a bit to remove the skin.

6. How to Peel Garlic in the Processor

A great tip for anyone preparing canned garlic is to use a food processor to peel the garlic! In addition to saving you the trouble of removing the shell, you won’t need to increase the amount of dishes to wash after the step by step.

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After peeling your garlic, use your creativity to use it in the most diverse recipes! A tip are these chicken pie recipes.

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