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How to overcome a marriage crisis

It is very common for couples to experience a crisis during a long-term relationship. Sharing a routine also means sharing problems and concerns, which makes living together a little more stressful and less pleasurable. Especially when conflicts involve money, the relationship ends up being negatively influenced by this problem that is common to both.

Crises in marriage begin when the affection and affection between the two wanes and cools. From there, discussions and disagreements begin. It seems that the couple can no longer understand each other, one loses interest in the other and begins to see flaws in everything the other does.

Some couples rush to seek separation, because in some cases this problem seems to have no solution and they begin to think that one is no longer suitable for the other. However, many times, some simple gestures and small attitudes can help to overcome a crisis in the marriage.

One of the most important decisions in this case is to take an initiative to solve the problem. It may be that the other person is hesitating to attempt reconciliation because he has not noticed an attitude of openness to the conversation. Show that you are willing to try to get out of the crisis by getting closer to your partner.

It’s also important to remember that you are in this together and you need to be partners to solve problems together, instead of being against each other. If you already have external problems that get in the way of your life together, try to avoid fights and prolonged arguments. Practice compassion and try to forgive yourself, it’s not worth holding a grudge against your partner.

Always be aware that all people make mistakes and that it is necessary to be humble enough to recognize and ask for forgiveness for mistakes, but that it is also necessary to have an open heart to be able to forgive and accept that the other also makes mistakes. After all, nobody is perfect.

Finally, the search for harmonious coexistence in marriage is to understand the differences between the two and always try to reach a middle ground, where both are winning. A relationship where one tries to take advantage of the other is not healthy.

Always seek understanding first and never discussion, have patience and respect. In this way, marital crises become milder and the couple is able to regain balance in the relationship.

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