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How to Make a Voodoo Doll Easily at Home

In this article, we will learn how to make a voodoo doll that actually works. Voodoo dolls are an important part of many religious traditions around the world and are still widely used in different religious ceremonies. It is believed that they work as a channel of communication with the deities, through which we can urge them to exercise their powers over our world. What can we do with a voodoo doll? The possibilities are numerous. So keep reading to learn how to make an easy voodoo doll and use it in your rituals and spellcasting. This is the traditional way of doing it.

How to Make a Voodoo Doll

How to Make a Voodoo Doll

How to Make a Voodoo Doll

Since this is an authentic method, we will only use elements available in nature. All you need to make a voodoo doll is two sticks or branches, thread, strips of cloth, some kind of natural glue, and something to stuff the doll with, such as grass, pine needles, etc.

Also, if you want to dress your doll, you will need some scraps of cloth, buttons, feathers, etc. Since the voodoo doll is meant to look like a living person, it is best to use that person’s belongings to decorate the doll. These can be clothes, hair, body fluids, etc. Once you have gathered the elements, let’s see how to make the Voodoo doll step by step:

  • Take a long stick and a short one. Place the short stick perpendicular to the long one (that is, creating a cross) about one quarter of the top of the long pole. Tie the two sticks with the thread in an X-shaped movement. It should look like the cross in a crucifix.
  • Now, the two ends of the short stick will be the doll’s arms and the short end of the long stick will be its head. The longer end will be the doll’s body.
  • Wrap the doll’s stuffing around the poles: start in the middle, then around the head, then an arm, then around the other arm, then halfway and finally do the bottom.
  • Cover the doll with pieces of cloth using glue and sew to hold everything together on your voodoo doll. But remember to keep part of the stuffing exposed on the arms’ ends, coming out of the head and feet.
  • Give a face to your doll. Sew or tape two eye beads and another one will be the mouth.
  • Now dress it. Since voodoo dolls are meant to look like someone, you must use the belongings of the person to whom your voodoo doll will look like. You can even use a piece of hair of the person to make the voodoo doll more effective.
  • Your voodoo doll is ready. Now on to the next step.
How To Make A Voodoo Doll Easy

How To Make A Voodoo Doll Easy

Baptize your Voodoo Doll

Now that the doll is made, it’s time to bring it to life. We will baptize it using a simple Catholic rite. You can use holy water if it’s available, and we will pronounce the following words:

“I baptize you (Name of the person), in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. In life, this is now what you will be. Everything that happens to this doll now happens to (Name of the person) as I command. As the days pass, only I can control the deepest desires, dreams, and actions of (Name of the person). Your life is now under my control. (Name of the person) will not feel any pleasure unless that’s my command.”

Say the name of the person that the doll will represent in all the spaces where indicated.

How to use the Voodoo Doll

Now that you have made your voodoo doll and brought it to life, it can be used to achieve your desired goals.

How to make someone fall in love with a voodoo doll

This is a voodoo spell with a doll that is used to make someone fall in love with you. It does not require needles, pins, or anything like that. You will need:

  • A doll to represent your partner
  • Something belonging to him or her
  • Something belonging to yourself
  • 3 pieces of ribbon, in red, white and black
  • Paper
  • Red ink pen or marker
  • A white candle

Add the elements that you have taken from the person’s body, be it hairs, nail clippings or at least a piece of cloth from the clothes they have worn. You’re going to tie them to the voodoo doll. Also, put the same elements of yourself on the doll.

How To Make A Voodoo Doll For Love Spell

How To Make A Voodoo Doll For Love Spell

Perform this spell on the day after the new moon. Prepare your altar and light the white candle. Wrap the doll with the three ribbons, making a knot in each one where necessary. Say out loud:

“Threads that unite and enclasp,
Your heart with mine is intertwined. “

Write the name of your loved one on the paper and place it on the altar. Put the doll on the paper and snuff off the candle. The next night, light the candle again and hold the doll in your hand.

Very gently, move the doll’s feet near the flame, and say:

“Yearn for me.
Or burn for me.”

Once again, place the doll on the paper. This time leave the candle lit for at least 30 minutes. You will have to meditate on your intentions. Visualize the desired outcome and feel your own emotions filling you up. Do not leave the candle unattended.

The person you want will soon show interest in you and quickly fall in love. When your spell has taken effect, wrap the doll and put it in a safe place to keep this attraction spell working.

Sinister uses of a voodoo doll

As you probably already knew, you can make a voodoo doll to cause damage, because historically this type of spells have been widely used for sinister purposes such as revenge. If you make a voodoo doll of someone you hate, you could use it to cause severe pain and even death. For this, usually, the doll is pricked with nails to cause pain, or tied with rope. But remember, the use of a voodoo doll with evil ends has horrible consequences because if the person who manipulates the doll loses its control then they can instead suffer badly and even die from these dark practices. So I recommend never using voodoo dolls for sinister purposes. If you want to learn more about this topic, read on here: Can Black Magic Kill Someone?

Positive uses of a voodoo doll

Voodoo dolls are used for a variety of good reasons as well. They can be used to invoke good spirits and bring great change in the world. A voodoo doll can be treated as if you were talking directly with a person, urging them to respond and act according to your wishes. Pricking colored pins is the most common way to use voodoo dolls. Each color of the pin has a different effect.

  • Red: Power
  • Yellow: Money
  • Green: Tranquility
  • Purple: Spirituality
  • Blue: Love
  • Pink: Death
  • Black: Repulsion or attraction of negative energies
  • White: Positive energies
Real Voodoo Doll

Real Voodoo Doll

Before pinching any pins, you must meditate on the effect you want to create. For instance, if you are casting a spell on yourself, you could put the pin on a specific part of your voodoo doll: the head for knowledge, the heart for emotions and the stomach area for physical sensations.

How to Make a Voodoo Doll of Yourself

Create a doll that looks like you. For this, you will make the doll taking into account your figure, height, proportions, etc. Think about how you see yourself and make the doll based on your looks.

When the voodoo doll is ready, apply a little of your own perfume on its forehead, chest, and belly and then say:

“I baptize you (say your name). Now you and I are one! “

Now dress the doll using pieces of clothing that you have worn. For example, use an old shirt to make a small shirt for the doll and use your pants to make the pants for the voodoo doll. Cut a lock of your hair and place it on the doll’s head.

That is all. Now you can make voodoo spells on yourself. Get rid of the remains that are left (clothes, hair) at the end of your creation. As for the doll, you should keep it in a box and hide the box in a safe place. If the doll ends up in the hands of another person, this person will have control over you and your life.

How to make Voodoo Magic on Yourself

There are voodoo magic spells that allow people to change their appearance the way they want. No matter how old you are, it is recommended that you have some experience performing white magic rituals. That way, you can make your own spells easily. You can learn more by browsing this website. Start here.

A Voodoo Spell to Lose Weight

We’re going to make a voodoo spell that can help you lose some weight. To start, place four candles on your altar or table. We will use two white candles, which will fill you with clear energies. A blue candle will help you communicate with your body and mind on what you want to obtain. A golden candle will fill you up with health and the power to create and transform.

Light the candles and place your voodoo doll in the center. Now we will start the voodoo spell to lose weight. Undress the doll, touch the “problem area” with your finger (remember, the doll should look like you). Feel how that same area of your body is starting to warm up.

Such voodoo magic spells are based on your feelings and power of visualization. If you do not feel anything, it means that you are doing something wrong.

Press the doll’s body slowly until it begins to mold. Make the muscles visible. You must transform its body so that it looks the way you want your body to look. Pay attention to your feelings, because at this moment they will begin to give you signals of what you really want from yourself. If you perform the ritual correctly, you will feel a change in your mentality. Soon you will begin to feel that your body loses weight, that your fat burns inside you and your life changes forever.

Making a voodoo doll of yourself

Making a voodoo doll of yourself

Note: If you do not feel well during the ritual, if you feel pain or dizziness, stop the spellcasting. Undress the doll, remove the hair from its head and say:

“I break the connection with you. From now on, you’re just a straw doll. “

Snuff off the candles. You should feel better in the next few minutes. If it does not improve, contact a professional voodoo magic practitioner immediately for urgent help.

If you feel good while practicing this real voodoo magic, you will see that it is normal for you to feel happy and full of energy. After the ritual, get up and do what you usually do. The magic of the ritual has been activated. First, you will notice that you do not eat so much anymore. Second, you will feel full of energy and that’s why you want to go to the gym, and exercise will only give you pleasure. Third, the ritual might subconsciously make your body increase your metabolism and you will begin to lose weight quickly.

With the help of a voodoo doll, you could change your height, shape or length of your legs, the size of your penis. However, you must be very careful. By accidentally breaking your doll, you could unleash a curse on yourself.

A Rejuvenating Voodoo Spell

For this voodoo magic spell, you will need the participation of another person. Since this is a rejuvenating spell, you should ask a friend who is younger than you (of the same sex) to hold your voodoo doll.

Your assistant must be someone full of energy, friendly, ready to share their energy with you, and you must be sure that your assistant will not betray you or break the doll.

Holding the doll for only 5 minutes, your assistant will make you feel 10 years younger. In addition, the spell will not affect the person who is helping you and he or she will not experience any weakness or dizziness.

As for the rest of the ritual, you can design it as you want. It might include candles, music, stones, herbs or any other element that relates to youth and fertility.

I hope you liked this article. This concludes the tutorial on how to make a simple voodoo doll. It is better to read this article for informational purposes only. We will not have any responsibility for people who use these practices inappropriately. Keep learning about voodoo, love spells and white magic on this website.

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