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How to make roses last longer

Change the vase water every two days. Your roses will last much longer.
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Every woman loves to receive a bouquet of roses. The only problem is that the flowers don’t stay intact for very long, right? With that in mind, here are some tips to make your flowers last longer. Check out:

How to care for roses:

diagonal base

Make sure that the cut at the base of the stem is made diagonally, to facilitate the absorption of water.

stem in place

Do not leave the leaves in the water. Cut them carefully and make sure that only the stem is submerged.


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Pluck the thorns from the roses where they are soaked in water.

fresh flowers

Spray water on the flower petals at the beginning or end of the day, and change the liquid in the vase every two days. But never expose the wet flowers to the sun.
Magic recipe: put 1 pinch of sugar, ½ col. (coffee) of bleach and 1 baby aspirin for each liter of water. This increases the lifespan of the flowers.

Clean water

Change the water every two days. At each change, cut 1 cm from the base of the stalks again.

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