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How to make crafts and sell online

Currently, many people search the internet for possibilities to undertake working with what they love most. Handicraft, which is a manual technique used to produce objects made from natural raw materials, has been passed from generation to generation and has found a fertile market in this virtual environment for some time.

Marcel Spadoto, managing partner of Opportunity Consulting, comments that handicraft is of paramount importance for Brazil, as it accounts for the activity and survival of almost 5% of the Brazilian population, moving over R$ 50 billion per year, according to the IBGE (Instituto Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics).

The internet, in turn, allows artisanal products to be disseminated in a relatively simple way and reach the most varied audiences, regardless of geographic distances. For example: if before you were known for making and selling good products only in your city, today you can promote all your work to people from all cities in the country (and even outside Brazil).

If you are interested in working in this area and are looking for ideas of what to produce, you will love the suggestions below. It is worth remembering that these are examples of what is possible to make and sell online, but the possibilities are endless. And on Youtube you can find many other specific videos, according to what you are looking to do.

12 ideas of what to do to sell

Find inspiration to start your small craft-based business:

1. Boxes decorated in MDF

This is one of the most popular crafts, including on the internet. Those who work with MDF decorated boxes often say that this is an extremely relaxing job and that it can still yield good money.

It is a type of product that is highly sought after because it is a great option for gifting, after all, a handmade gift usually offers more affection and affection than an industrialized gift. In addition, boxes have several uses and tend to please most people.

It can be made in many ways and it is exactly the creativity that will transform your decorated box into a special product!

How to make: Craquelê in MDF Wood | Wooden box with floral fabric

2. Baby items

There are countless handmade products that can be made for the care and decoration of the baby’s room: hygiene kit, crib kit, bath towels, bib, diapers, pillows, maternity bags and much more. Not to mention clothes, crochet shoes, hair bands for girls and a multitude of cute options.

How To: Baby Hygiene Kit | Baby room trash can with recyclable material

3. Articles for weddings

Crafts are increasingly being used to personalize a wedding. Creativity, whimsy and good taste are fundamental factors when producing these products that will have great sentimental value for the couple and other people involved in the event.

The items that can be made are countless: invitations; signs to liven up the ceremony and party; wedding ring doll for bridesmaids; hangers with the bride and groom’s initials; St. Anthony’s bouquet; biscuit brides; kits and boxes for godparents’ invitations; custom slippers; souvenirs in general etc.

How To: Personalized Bridal Hanger | Biscuit brides

4. Party supplies in general

But it is not just in the world of weddings that crafts are very useful. Nowadays, for any party, people often request items such as personalized invitations, scenographic cakes (especially at children’s parties), personalized candy wrappers, table decorations and much more.

The tip is to use creativity and bet on the most varied products that will complement a children’s party, a 15th birthday, a baby shower or kitchen shower, etc.

How to make: Fake cake | table decoration with balloons

5. Jewelry

Jewelry has always been very successful and, when handmade, has the advantage of being more exclusive.

Maxicolares, chains, earrings, bracelets, bracelets are some of the options to make and sell online. Once again, creativity and whimsy are key factors for sales success!

How to make: How to make bracelet | Maxi Earring Boho

6. Scrapbook

This is a type of craft that is very successful, although it is not new. The scrapbook can be composed of decorative ribbons, drawings, various embellishments and various other elements to taste. Therefore, creativity to create it is once again a keyword.

It can be done with the objective of gathering photographs and with space for short texts about each one of them, in the most varied themes (for example: travel or family); it can be done in the style of a cookbook; as a schedule and much more.

How To: Scrapbook Album | Scrapbook Page – Do It Yourself | Scrapbook album travel | Scrapbook – Canaleta Album Tutorial

7. Various souvenirs

Currently, souvenirs are given at the most booed types of parties and special occasions: weddings, children’s and adult birthdays, baby or kitchen showers, baptism, maternity, corporate events, etc. Thus, the demand for differentiated and well-made products is great.

In addition, a souvenir can be given to someone as an affectionate gesture, even a gift.

The souvenir options that can be made are numerous: personalized slippers, mugs, aroma diffusers, pillows, soaps, ecobags, pencil holders and much more.

How to do it: Make your own Provençal Maternity Souvenir | pearl slipper

8. Clothing

Handcrafted clothing items have always been successful, as they allow for greater customization. Many even gain a special touch, such as hand embroidery, paintings, etc. It is possible to work with dresses, t-shirts (which are very “in high”), skirts, various crochet pieces and much more.

How to make: Simple flared dress | Crochet Crochet | crochet bikini

9. Bags, cases and necessaries

With artisanal production, it is possible to use creativity and work with countless bags, cases and toiletry bags: exclusive prints and formats, pieces that, in addition to being beautiful, have functionality and/or are produced especially for the person.

How To: Simple Purse | How to make a wallet bag

10. Patchwork

Patchwork is a technique widely used in the craft world, which consists, in short, of joining different patches, composing different mixtures of colors, formats and design.

The technique allows a thousand and one possibilities, such as creating quilts, bags, car trash, bedding and much more.

How To: Uncomplicated Patchwork | How to assemble a patchwork quilt

11. Paintings

Do you like to paint? So you can show all your talent and creativity through paintings in different types of paintings, dish towels, among other product options.

How To: Fabric Painting for Beginners | Painting on canvas – universe painting

12. Pet supplies

Currently, articles for dogs and cats have gained a lot of prominence. By hand, it is possible to create many cool products: bandanas, ties, collars with details (such as rhinestones, for example), beds, personalized collars to identify the animal, clothes, etc.

How to do it: Dog walk | How to make a dog collar

where and how to sell

There are different ways to sell crafts online. Check out the main suggestions below:

Link 7

This is the largest website for buying and selling handmade and personalized products in Brazil. According to information from the website itself, there are more than 4 million people who visit it every month.

To sell through Elo7, you need to create your store on the website:

  1. Go to www.elo7.com.br and click on “I want to sell”;
  2. Fill in all the information;
  3. After registering you will receive an email with important information about the site;
  4. Go back to the site, fill in the username and password.
  5. Through your virtual store, you can manage orders, register products, learn about your account, customize your store, register customers, etc.
  6. From there you can register your products whenever you want, including photos, product description, shipping option, etc.
  7. You will also have the possibility to buy the PRO account, if you prefer, which offers more advantages.

In the video below you can see a basic guide on how to open your store on Elo7:


Tanlup also allows you to create a store of your own, to promote products you make (and also customize, mine or resell). It’s free to create, but if you prefer, you can purchase a paid plan later, which promises more benefits.

Go to www.tanlup.com and click on Create Store (top of the page) and clarify any doubts.

Social networks

Currently, social networks – such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. – are widely used to promote and sell products. They allow you to publicize your work to a huge number of people, regardless of where they live.

Facebook has the option of creating a Fan Page, through which you can interact with your followers, expose your items and create campaigns to reach people with common interests.

Learn how to create your Fan Page at this link.

Instagram and Pinterest are social networks that use images to promote products. In them you can create a specific account for the sale of your products, sharing photos in good quality, descriptions and values.

After contacting the customer, you will have to define a method of payment and shipping of the product.

A well-known way is to register with PagSeguro, where you can receive payments by credit card, bank slip and online transfer. A percentage of the purchase is charged, which varies according to the payment method.

There is also the possibility of Bcash, which works practically in the same way as PagSeguro.

When it comes to product delivery, it is essential to meet deadlines and ship the item safely, so that it arrives in perfect condition to the customer. The Post Office is the most used means for this. There is a limit of 30kg per shipment and dimensions.

Own e-commerce

You can create your own e-commerce to sell your products on the internet with all practicality. One of the first steps will be to define the platform: free, open source or paid.

But there are many other points to be planned. In summary, it can be said that every virtual store will go through the following processes: receive the sales order that was generated on the platform; verify payments; separate the goods; pack the goods; issue electronic invoices and labels; dispatch the goods; monitor the delivery of the order, keeping the customer informed.

In this booklet, available on the Sebrae website, you can find the information you need to open your virtual store and start your e-commerce.

Free market

Mercado Livre is a well-known site and a good tool to sell your products. You will need to register, complete all the information about the product that…

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