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How to make amoeba: step by step and 15 recipes to entertain the kids

Amoeba (also called slime or slime) is a gelatin mass used as a toy. It can be a good way to relax, as it has a malleable texture and is pleasant to handle. Learning how to make amoeba at home is a great way to have fun and personalize it.

There are so many ways to make the toy that you probably already have all the ingredients you need at home. Are you looking for recipes? Check out a simple step-by-step guide and below 15 other different recipes for fun! Come on?

how to make amoeba

You will need

  • styrofoam glue
  • dyes
  • Water
  • Container to put the mixture

Step by step

  1. In a container, insert all the styrofoam glue;
  2. Add a few drops of food coloring and mix;
  3. While mixing, add water little by little. You should keep adding until you notice that the glue is no longer absorbing the water you put in;
  4. Pour all the water out of the container and pick up the solid mass that remains. To remove excess dye, you can apply a little more water;
  5. Is ready!

Even making amoeba at home is simple, isn’t it? After using, don’t forget to store it in a closed container to prevent the dough from hardening too much.

Other ways to make amoeba

There are several ways and ingredients to make your homemade amoeba. Check out the videos below!

1. Amoeba with white glue

In this video you learn how to make the amoeba with just three ingredients: white glue, gouache paint and boric water.

2. Amoeba with transparent glue

If you only have transparent glue at home, you can make the so-called “clear slime”, the clear amoeba. Watch the video to learn.

3. Amoeba with egg

Amazing: yes, you can make amoeba with egg! In this recipe, for the amoeba to be fluffy, you don’t need the shaving foam: it’s the egg that makes it “fluffy”, as Lucas says.

4. Amoeba with toothpaste

Toothpaste is also an ingredient most people have at home. With only half a tube it is possible to make a cute and even big amoeba!

5. Amoeba with tapioca gum

This recipe is for those practical people who want speed. It only takes tapioca gum and a little water and is perfect for making your first amoeba.

6. Amoeba with corn starch

If you don’t have tapioca gum at home, another secret ingredient is cornstarch. See how to make and make your amoeba super consistent.

7. Amoeba with shampoo

To make an amoeba with more foam, you can also use shampoo. She is super shiny!

8. Amoeba with toilet paper

Did you think you couldn’t innovate in recipes anymore? Well check out this video teaching how to make amoeba with toilet paper. It works very well too!

9. Amoeba with detergent and without egg

And can’t you make amoeba with detergent too? Learn in this video how to make a bubble-free, consistent slime that doesn’t stick to your hand.

10. Amoeba with two ingredients

In the video, Eduarda shows the tricks to make amoeba with just cornstarch and detergent. Be sure to check it out.

11. Crunchy, glue-free amoeba

Using old products that we have at home, you can replace the glue and even put balls for a super crispy amoeba.

12. Golden amoeba

In addition to being golden and beautiful, the amoeba that you will learn to make in the video has a very soft texture. Your kids will love it!

13. Colorful glitter amoeba

For those who love glitter and want to test the consistencies of amoeba, the video is perfect and shows several options.

14. Amoeba clear

Learn how to make an amoeba that stretches soooo. And the best thing is that you will only use detergent, water and beiju (tapioca).

15. Anti-stress ball with amoeba

Homemade amoeba can even serve to replace your conventional anti-stress balls. See in the video how to reach this result.

You could see that there are several ways to make amoeba and leave it the way you want it, right?

After all these recipes, just separate the ingredients and have fun with the process. It’s the perfect time to teach and play with your kids!

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