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How to make amazing beach waves to rock every season

Looking for natural, wavy and well-dressed hair? Then get to know the beach waves or “beach waves”, which are those strands of those who have just come out of the sea and let it dry in the wind. Because it has a simple and beautiful style, many women want this effect in any season, so we will teach you how to do it and which products to use. Check out!

How to make beach waves

Being a style that values ​​naturalness, doing beach waves can be difficult on some hair. But we separate 5 tutorials that will make your life easier and teach you how to make your hair amazing and ready for any occasion. Check out the videos and see how to have a beachy look anywhere:

Rock the beach waves with the babyliss

Have hair that looks natural and relaxed, but still very beautiful and fashionable. If you want to learn how to make beach waves using the babyliss, just follow the tips that youtuber Layla Monteiro has put together!

Give your hair a natural look with the flat iron

How about having waves as natural as those of the sea with the help of a simple flat iron? Learn, with the youtuber Malô, the step by step to have this incredible effect on the locks, without having to use numerous products or go to the beauty salon.

Learn how to do beach waves on short hair

Do you think short hair can’t take advantage of beach waves fashion? Youtuber Viih Rocha shows you how you can conquer the much-desired waves without spending more than 5 minutes. In addition, you don’t need fancy materials: just a flat iron is enough for short hair.

Do the beach style at home

If you love wet hair and naturally wavy hair, check out this tutorial. The youtuber Mamá Castilho did a step-by-step guide on how to give the highlights an amazing look without spending a lot of time.

Learn the technique of making waves without heat

Not everyone has a flat iron or curling iron at home, but that’s no impediment to having an amazing wavy hair. With that in mind, youtuber Gabriela Capone showed on her channel a great technique to make beach waves naturally.

Whether with a flat iron, a curling iron or even just your hands, you can achieve an incredible effect on your hair without much effort. In addition, this style is great for casual moments or even for a change in routine.

5 best products to make amazing beach waves

Currently, there are products on the market that are ideal for leaving your hair in the best beachy style. Next, we’ve separated the 5 best ones for your hair, according to bloggers and youtubers. This way, you can keep the curls longer and also leave the wires protected!

1. Eudora Siàge Beach Waves Texturizing Spray – $

Made to give the much-desired beach effect, this product models your hair without drying it out. For this, its formula produces irregular waves in the locks, providing movement to the wires, in addition to a light fixation. Finally, the product leaves no residue after being washed from the hair.

“It really looks very natural, ‘messy’ (making it clear that my hair is not straight, which makes it easier to thicken the strands). I didn’t feel the product dried out my locks, which is very important as I have bleached hair.” – Patricia Saib

2. Lee Stafford Beach Babe Sea Salt Spray Texturizer – $$

Enriched with sea salt and super-nutritious algae, the product allows your hair to have beach volume and subtle texture. It leaves your strands looking like they’ve just come out of the sea in any season, being indicated for use even on dry hair.

“I love the result! It is recommended for both long hair and short hair, both look beautiful! As soon as you apply it, it feels like the hair is wet, but soon it absorbs the product and gets dry again!” – Marina Moreira

3. Cadiveu Sol do Rio Beach Waves Finisher – $$$

If you are looking for beach-looking hair, but hydrated, the finishing spray from Cardiveu promises to deeply nourish your strands. In its formula, you find 21 amino acids that have the purpose of acting directly in the heart of the hair fiber. Therefore, it tends to restructure the integrity of the wires and eliminate porosity, recovering strength and intensely nourishing it.

“The spray is the kit item with the most concentrated scent of all. It’s delicious! The liquid is transparent, but in the palm of the hand it becomes milky. The lid comes with a safety lock that prevents involuntary activation.” – Ana Penzin

4. Truss Beach Waves Leave-in – $$$$

Made for all hair types, this leave-in from Truss promises to provide a “beach effect” texture and finish. In addition, it aims to eliminate the dry aspect of the wires, contains thermal protection and leaves the locks with balance and natural movement.

“In addition to this wave effect, we cannot forget that this product is still a thermal protector, which for me is a hand on the wheel! Since I use the dryer constantly. And to close with a flourish, it still forms a protective film on the wires, protecting against pollution.” – Natalia Gabriela

5. L’Oréal Professionnel Tecni Art Wild Stylers Beach Waves – $$$$$

This is a texturizing spray that provides that beach effect on the hair. So, finish your hair and have a matte effect, without weighing the locks. In addition, the spray facilitates the creation of natural hairstyles and a sexy effect.

“The cool thing is that the spray really gives the hair a supernatural beach look! What I liked most about this product was that it smells amazing, it’s really – really – good! I also liked it a lot because I think it helps to hold the curls without making the hair stiff.” – Vitória Portes

With the help of these products, you can reproduce a very natural effect on the wires, while nourishing them. If you prefer to make beach waves with flat irons or curling irons, always try to use products that contain thermal protectors, so your hair will be even more taken care of.

10 beach waves photos that evoke the best of summer

Every hair is unique, whether straight, wavy, short or long. Therefore, we have separated images with this look to guide you and encourage you to adopt beach waves. In addition, despite being a common style in the summer, nothing prevents you from betting on it in any season or place in the world. Look that:

1. Beach waves are pure charm

2. Consist of the most wavy and messy strands

3. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t stylish.

4. Beach waves match all hair types

5. In addition to being a simple style to do

6. Be with a flat iron

7. Or even with the curling iron

8. This look manages to convey serenity and lightness

9. Without taking the power of the look too

10. You can bet on these locks without fear of being amazing!

Beach waves are, as the name implies, like ocean waves: a light, simple style for everyone. Use whenever you want and, to have your locks always beautiful, also learn how to hydrate your hair and keep your hair healthy and radiant!

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