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How to make a candle: 12 ideas with step by step to decorate or sell

Candles went beyond Christmas decoration and started to decorate everyday spaces, such as the office table and the living room. See how to make a candle and create, without difficulties, a treat for your home or for the people you love the most:

How to make simple decorative candles

  1. Melt the paraffin in a water bath;
  2. Position the wicks with a clothespin or chopstick;
  3. Distribute the liquid in the pots and let it dry!

Check out Flávia Ferrari’s tips and create beautiful candles from scratch, without difficulties:

To add a scent, drip drops of essence onto the candle while the paraffin is still warm. Plus, you can decorate them however you like!

How to make candles to sell

  1. Chop two ready-made candles of the color you want and reserve the wick;
  2. Melt them over low heat and then let the liquid cool down a bit;
  3. Attach the wick to a clothespin and place it in the center of your glass jar;
  4. Pour the liquid candle into the pot and cut off the excess wick;
  5. Cover the bottle and decorate with all your creativity!

A candle can be a great gift for someone special. Watch the tutorial and better visualize the making process:

In addition to teaching you how to make the candle, Angela also gives different tips for you to decorate your candle. Capriche in the tag that will accompany the treat, adding an inspiring or affectionate message.

How to make colored candles

  1. Glue the wick to the center of a glass or other container;
  2. Place in a bowl and microwave some paraffin and pieces of crayon;
  3. Set two minutes, stir, pour the colored wax into the cup and let it dry for 20-30 minutes;

The colorful candles, in addition to snuggle, bring joys to the environments. Check out the video preparation method to answer any questions that may arise:

The coolest thing about using crayons to color your candles is that the possibilities are endless, you can use your favorite colors, mix to create new tones, or even create layers of different colors.

How to make decorative and scented candles

  1. Melt the paraffin in a milk bath in a bain-marie;
  2. Drop the essence you prefer into the melted paraffin;
  3. Place the wick in the center of the container you choose to hold the candle in;
  4. Pour the paraffin into the pot and let it dry for 20-30 minutes.

Better than a decorative candle is a decorative and scented candle, isn’t it? View the video preparation mode:

The idea is to save money, enjoy the little pots you have left at home and, in addition, practice occupational therapy and give gifts to loved ones. Play on this suggestion!

How to make scented glass candles

  1. In a pan, place two measures of the chosen pot for your paraffin candle;
  2. Melt the paraffin until it becomes liquid and add the drops of essence;
  3. Pour the paraffin into the pot and place the wick in the center of the pot with the help of a clamp;
  4. After the candle dries, cut off the excess wick and decorate as you wish.

These candles are beautiful and very fragrant. Find out how to do it by watching the video tutorial:

A nice tip is to choose a pan that has a spout, to make it easier to pour the paraffin and avoid further dirt. The decoration suggestion in the video is very simple and charming: make a little bow of string on the edge of the glass and you’re done!

How to make scented candles for party favors

  1. In an old pan, melt pieces of ready-made candles over low heat and remove the wicks;
  2. Add pieces of crayons to color the paraffin and vanilla essence to perfume;
  3. Position the wick in the center of the container you choose to hold the candle;
  4. Pour the paraffin into the pot, while holding the wick to keep it straight;
  5. Let it dry and decorate your scented candle to give as a gift!

How about innovating in the souvenir and making scented candles for the ones you love the most? Watch the video and check out the tips from youtuber Jessica Belcost:

Perfecting the color of the paraffin, the little pot in which you will store it and the decoration of this packaging, your candle will look amazing! It will be difficult for someone not to like to win such a gift!

How to make candles lamps

  1. First, fill the bladder(s) with a little water;
  2. Then break ready-made candles into pieces and place over low heat until they melt;
  3. Remove the loose wicks and wait for the liquid to cool a little;
  4. Dip the bladder into the pan, moving up and down until the candle begins to form around the bladder;
  5. Then let the candle layer cool and then pop the balloon;
  6. Adjust the edges of your candle light with a utility knife or knife;
  7. Cut another ready-made candle at the height of your lamp, clip it inside and light it whenever you want.

A candle lamp is a very elegant decorative item. Watch the video to understand exactly the step by step:

This idea is very simple to replicate at home. Remember to choose a thicker balloon, to reduce the chances of it bursting in the middle of the process, and to pay attention to the candle layers, so that your piece is more beautiful and resistant.

How to make massage candle

  1. In a pan, add 45g of beeswax and 20g of butter;
  2. Melt this mixture over low heat, without letting it boil;
  3. Then, gradually add 100ml of almond oil and 50ml of chamomile oil;
  4. Return the pan to the heat from time to time so as not to overheat or solidify the liquid;
  5. Add 30ml of the essence you want and remove from the heat;
  6. Place the wick in the center of your glass and add your mixture;

Are you always looking for a creative gift for your sweetheart? Learn tim-tim by tim-tim about how to make this massage candle and rock the memory:

The idea of ​​this candle is to serve as a massage oil and no, it won’t burn your hand or your bae’s back! Although not complicated to make, you need to measure the ingredients correctly to ensure the ideal texture, ok?

How to make a Christmas candle with lace

  1. Measure the diameter and height of the candle to cut the fabric to the right size;
  2. Glue the fabric over the candle and let it dry;
  3. Then cut the excess fabric and finish the decoration with ribbons.

In the Christmas mood, how about a lace and super elegant candle to decorate your home? Check out exactly how to do it:

Just like the idea of ​​varying the colors of candles, decorating them with fabric opens up many possibilities. In addition to lace, you can use other types of cloth and prints. Your Christmas table will look beautiful!

How to make citronella candle

  1. Place the wicks in the center of your glass jars, steadying them with barbecue sticks or chopsticks;
  2. Melt the paraffin in a water bath and then add 6 drops of citronella oil;
  3. Distribute the melted paraffin in your pots and let it dry for 30 minutes;
  4. Then just remove the toothpicks, cut the excess wick and decorate!

Do you suffer from mosquitoes in your house? This citronella candle will save you! See the step-by-step details:

In addition to the tutorial on how to make candles, in the video you will find tips to finish them and include them in your home decor. It’s a better idea than the other!

How to make a stone candle

  1. First, grease your jars with Vaseline or oil to help when unmoulding;
  2. Cut three medium candles into small pieces, keeping the wicks;
  3. Take the pieces to the low fire and melt them, without letting it boil;
  4. Then add the essential oil of your choice;
  5. Let the paraffin cool a little, stirring them with a fouet;
  6. When it is more “creamy”, add the black sand and stir quickly;
  7. Fill your pots with the mixture, add the wick in the center and let it dry for 24 hours;
  8. Finally, just unmold, hit the surface of the candle and cut the excess wick.

These candles blend into the decor and add charm to any corner. Watch the video to see the complete step-by-step:

Despite being a little more work, there’s no way this candle won’t match your home or won’t please someone you give it as a gift. What are you waiting for to do?

how to make cinnamon candle

  1. Wrap a thick candle with a white satin ribbon;
  2. Glue cinnamon sticks around the candle;
  3. Finish the decoration with ribbons, effects and pendants, abusing your creativity!

Another cool inspiration for Christmas, but also for other times of the year. Learn how to make these cinnamon candles:

Best of all is that this idea is very practical and quick to make, but the result is too beautiful, looking like an elaborate decoration, bought ready-made. There’s no excuse not to bet on this candle!

Now your house will be a lot brighter, your friends full of creative and cute gifts, and your savings a little chubby. Speaking of which, see more craft ideas for you to make some extra bucks!

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