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How to help your child deal with body changes in adolescence

Bad smell in feet and armpits

Strong odors in these regions begin to appear between the ages of 8 and 9. To control foot odor, tell the child to leave their shoes out in the sun as soon as they are taken off and never wear the same sock twice in a row. It’s worth washing your shoes every ten days. As for you, nothing to say that the boy is smelling bad. Tell him, gently, that he grew up and now needs to use deodorant. Buy one without perfume. Taking at least one shower every day is essential, of course!

birth of hair

In girls, it happens about two years after breast enlargement. In boys, after testicular growth. If your daughter is bothered by her hair, take her to get waxed. The line method is a good one for fluff. Avoid depilatory creams as they are aggressive. In his case, it’s better to wait for the beard to get thick to start shaving. Does your child really want to eliminate the fluff? The father must teach him to use the blade carefully.

Skin and hair oiliness

Puberty hormones can make your hair and skin greasy. To take care of the wires, the best thing is to wash them every day with products that control the problem. If the skin has pimples, take your child to the dermatologist. It’s a mistake to believe that acne is part of this phase and that you don’t need to go to the doctor. Without proper treatment, teenagers can have serious self-esteem problems and be left with scars that are difficult to eliminate in the future.

Sources: Maria Alice Fontes, doctor in psychology and director of Clínica Plenamente; Ricardo Barros, Hebiatrician at the Martagão Gesteira Institute of Childcare and Pediatrics (IPPMG), UFRJ

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