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How to forget a married man? – Blog

Before going to the tips of how to forget a married man, let’s reflect a little on the robbery that is to get involved in a relationship where there is already another woman. First, know that the rate of married men leaving their family to be with their mistress is minimal. As much as he makes promises, as long as the divorce doesn’t go through, you won’t be the official and not the only one. You create an expectation, believe him when he swears he’s going to leave the house, and you just get frustrated that nothing actually happens.

When you’re with a married man, you don’t have the opportunity to spend a lot of time with him. Holidays, anniversaries and vacations are spent with his wife and you literally have what’s left on his schedule. Do you think that’s all you deserve? Crumbs from a relationship? leftovers?

If you’re in love, want to scream to the world, post pictures, go to parties! If he’s married, none of that is possible, and if you try, you might still get scolded in the style: My wife might find out! Is this what you deserve?

I tell you a truth: No! You deserve much more. A 100% honest relationship, yours and his, with love, exclusivity and affection every day of the year.

How to forget a married man? Let’s go to the tips

Take care of your self-esteem
Understand your value and fight for yourself. If you don’t respect yourself, it won’t be a married man, who doesn’t even respect his own family, who will.

Don’t believe everything he says about the woman’s evil
If she’s as bad as he says, why is he still with her? He probably says these things to make you feel better about your situation and still feel sorry for him.

If you really want to forget about a married man, put an end to the relationship and stop answering the phone, delete your contact, photos and block his profile from your social networks. Disappear for a while.

Understand that you are single
If he can be with two women, there’s nothing stopping her from going out and looking for a nicer man, preferably single, for you. Or do you think you can carry this clandestine relationship on forever?

do different activities
Take courses, change jobs, do whatever it takes to change environments and meet new people.

open up to life
He’s not the only man good for you. In fact, he’s not the right man for you. May he open your heart and eyes to all that life has to offer and make the most of opportunities.

Give it time and you’ll be able to forget about a married man. Take it as the end of a relationship and move on. You can do more and you owe it to yourself!

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