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How to follow a style and have your own look of the day like bloggers

Currently, fashion is more democratic and access to fashion information is much easier and faster. The internet is the main tool these days to find out about trends instantly, wherever you are.

Bloggers are largely responsible for this quick information, because in addition to making many posts about fashion itself, trends and fashion weeks, they also share their daily looks, being them basic for everyday life, or even for an event. gala.

Bloggers’ looks can be a great source of inspiration, as they provide ideas for new combinations for pieces of clothing you already have. But it is essential to always keep in mind that it is essential to stay true to your taste and use only what makes you feel good.

11 styles of bloggers’ day looks to inspire you

It is important to note that most bloggers have access to the best of national and international fashion, so they move freely between different styles. However, check below 12 styles that are very present in the wardrobe of the blogger who illustrates it.

Although there were defined styles, it doesn’t mean that we should stick to just one. Fashion is also a tool of expression that offers freedom to create, as well as mixing styles and adapting them to our taste, but without losing the essence.

1. Fashionista

Blogger Thássia Naves is undoubtedly a great example of the fashionista style, which requires a lot of daring and personality. Discretion is not the main factor in this style. Many models and colors are allowed, as well as a strong load of trends.

Thássia always wears what’s hot, and what’s been recently released. In her looks, especially in fashion weeks, it is possible to observe that boldness overcomes sensuality, which makes the style more suitable for confident women, with personality and who are interested in fashion.

In fashion weeks around the world, Brazilian Helena Bordon also stands out for her unique looks and also has her looks recorded by the main streetyle pages of world fashion.

2. Sexy

To flaunt a sexy look, bare legs and cleavage are welcome. Camila Coelho is a great example of how to balance this information in the look, without losing fidelity to her personal style and sophistication.

The blogger is a fan of low backs, lace, and transparencies, even in long dresses. In shoes, thin strap sandals and pumps give the final touch to the looks. To flaunt a sensual look, it doesn’t matter the woman’s physical shape, but how good and confident she feels wearing that look.

A sexy style, but with a lot of delicacy and sophistication, can also be seen on the Viva-Luxury blog, founded by Anabelle Fleur.

3. boho

The boho style translates into a kind of reinterpretation of the 60s hippie style. Blogger Rocky Barnes lives in California and abuses this style, mixing many fluid fabrics, boots and accessories that make the difference in any look.

It is important to note that to have a look with boho influences, it is not necessary that all pieces have these characteristics. Just a few accessories, like the bag or necklaces and bracelets, can complement basic looks with jeans and a white t-shirt. The style is recurrently seen in the looks at music festivals and they match a lot with women who believe in the idea of ​​freedom of spirit.

In Brazil, blogger Bia Perotti, from the blog Os Achados, also creates many looks with boho influences, such as pieces with embroidery and ethnic prints.

4. casual

Jeans are certainly one of the main components of the casual look. Camila Coutinho, from Garotas Estúpidas, knows how to combine this fabric like no one else, inserting it into looks for different occasions, from those that call for a more informal look, as well as in situations that call for a more tidy look.

Jeans can be present in the look, whether in pants, shorts, jacket, or even a vest. This style is versatile, as the same pieces can be adapted for the weekend as well as for work, depending on the combination of footwear and accessories.

Jéssica Flores, from Borboletas na Carteira, is also a reference among Brazilian bloggers for her casual style, usually topped off by ballet flats and flat sandals.

5. elegant

An elegant style, which has greater sophistication, can be created with differentiated fabrics, high heels and accessories. The blogger Nati Vozza, from Glam4you, is a beautiful example of how to follow the style to the letter, keeping the elegance even in a look with flat sandals.

For this style, jeans are not the first option, and Nati exemplifies this in her looks composed of knits and silk shirts. On the feet, heeled sandals and pumps are present, but they can be easily replaced by espadrilles in more casual situations.

Bloggers Anna Fasano and Lu Ferreira, from Chata de Galocha, also sport many sophisticated looks and can inspire your looks.

6. Sports

In the sporty style, sneakers are the first to be present, even more if they combine comfort with casualness. Accompanied by footwear are shorts and jackets in sports fabrics, such as polyester, for example.

Carla Lemos, from Modices, translates this style using t-shirts with sports shorts, and sometimes complementing it with caps, and still remains faithful to her carioca style. This style is very suitable for those who prioritize comfort when choosing clothes and shoes from the closet, and who do not intensely frequent formal environments.

Helo Rocha also boasts on his Instagram profile numerous looks topped off by sneakers that put comfort first.

7. Romantic

Pastel tones, bows and lace guarantee the romanticism of any look. Lia Camargo, from Just Lia, teaches how to adhere to the style, reinforcing it through the use of charming collars, cardigans and the pied de poule print.

The style is suitable for women who seek delicacy in the look. But at the same time, the strong romantic influence can be softened by shoes with a heavier look, which also gives a modern touch to the look.

Bruna Vieira, from Antes dos 15, also shares her looks with a romantic influence, which are often finished off by tights that give the final charm.

8. Colorful

A style full of colors can be seen on the blog Style Pantry, by blogger Folake Huntton, who is 39 years old and has a style full of joviality and personality. Folake abuses the color block, which combines vibrant colors in the same look.

Colorful prints are also often seen in looks in Folake’s looks. In this case, it is always interesting to combine a patterned piece and a plain piece of a color that is in the print. The blog is a good source of inspiration for harmonizing colors and a great motivator to get away from neutral colors. This style can be easily adopted by those who are willing to dare and do not prioritize discretion.

Many colors can also be seen on Blaire Eadie’s Atlantic Pacific blog and Simply Cyn’s New Yorker Cynthia’s blog.

9. Boyish

The boyish style is translated by pieces with masculine modeling present in feminine looks. These pieces can be pants known as boyfriend, which are wider and with larger waistbands, blazers, tailored pants and shirts.

Fadela Mecheri, owner of the blog that bears her own name, exposes numerous looks full of boyish trends. The blogger also inserts men’s shoes into her looks, sweaters with an apparent shirt collar and shares countless looks that can be a good inspiration for the work environment.

Adriana Gastelúm, who runs the blog Fake Leather, also posts many inspiring looks filled with the boyish trend.

10. Rocker

The color black as well as worn and torn jeans are certainly part of a rocker look. Blogger Luanna Perez, from Le-Happy, abuses these elements, and also usually finishes her looks with boots and boots.

The style also includes several rock band t-shirts. Even if you don’t want to make a big investment to stick to the style, keep your focus on dark pieces and heavier accessories, preferably black and with studded details. Checkered shirts can also complete the look.

Camilla Marques, from the blog De Coturno e Spikes, shows off her tattoos and shares her dark looks, but also gives a lot of tips for doing gothic makeup.

11. Basic

Neutral colors are undoubtedly a real joker in the wardrobe. Smooth pieces make it much easier to assemble a look, and the weapon to enhance basic looks and get out of the sameness is to invest in accessories. Clutches and shoes, for example, can be printed and colored, and thus star in the look.

The benefit of adhering to this style is that the pieces can be repeated often, as they are not very striking, which makes the style economical. Jules Sariñana, from Sincerely Jules, shows you how to put together basic looks, but always with a special charm.

Sara, the Spaniard from the Collage Vintage blog, is also a reference in looks filled with neutral colors and jeans.

How to define your look of the day

Having a definition of your style can make the assembly of looks much easier, as well as savings on shopping and less accumulation in closets. About the definition of her style, style consultant Danyla Borobia comments on the benefits: “Even with a wardrobe full of clothes, there is a feeling of ‘I have nothing to wear’, this is because the woman does not have a style defined, that is, it ends up copying looks from shop windows, soap operas, websites and so on. and their creativity and personality are forgotten, and the fear of ‘making mistakes’ ends up speaking louder”.

To find your style, self-knowledge is essential, as style consultant Danyla Borobia guarantees: “To answer all these questions, the best thing is to get out of the automatic, do a deep reflection of what you really like and what you don’t like, the search for self-knowledge is central to this dilemma that women face on a daily basis.”

To achieve this self-knowledge, it is important to analyze your needs, what makes you feel good and the fabrics, colors and fits that best suit you, as well as the image you want to convey. From the moment this self-knowledge is acquired, purchases become much more conscious and assertive, leaving behind the attitude of impulse buying and leaving forgotten pieces in the wardrobe.

To optimize your closet, consultant Danyla gives the tip for making smart purchases: “Each piece must match at least 3 other pieces of the wardrobe, we are not talking about jeans, black or white t-shirt, but with varied pieces, in fabrics, trims, colors, etc., compositions must go to work, leisure and all seasons, the same rule applies when buying”. This activity undoubtedly optimizes your time when shopping, but also in everyday life when assembling looks.

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