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How to fold elastic sheet: simple step by step to learn now

The organization of the house makes all the difference, and sheets should not be left out. With that in mind, we brought you the step-by-step guide on how to fold an elastic sheet for you to leave everything tidy around without suffering. Check out!

How to fold elastic sheet: step by step

  1. Open the sheet vertically and place your hands inside the elastic at both ends;
  2. Place one end inside the other, joining the two;
  3. Turn the sheet to the horizontal and join the remaining ends;
  4. Join the ends, as already done before, placing one inside the other;
  5. Support it on a surface and fold the two parts of the sheet, leaving the elastic part inside;
  6. Finally, fold it on its side once more and your elastic sheet is ready to be put away!

It sounds difficult, but believe me, it’s a matter of practice! Apply the step-by-step guide to your home and see how your bed linen organization will look much better! A tip is to keep the sheets inside the pillowcase of the same game, making them easier to arrange.

Other ways to fold an elastic sheet to make you look great

To do well folding your sheets, follow the series of videos that we separate to help you. There’s no mistake, it’s today that you learn to fold elastic sheet!

1. How to fold double elastic sheet

This tutorial teaches you in a didactic way how to fold the double elastic sheet. It may seem more complicated because it’s bigger, but following the steps in the video, you won’t have any difficulties!

2. How to fold baby elastic sheet

The video has tips for folding your baby’s complete crib kit, including the elastic sheet. It’s easy and fast, as well as helping you organize and optimize space.

3. How to iron and fold elastic sheet

If you also want to know how to pass it, this is the ideal video. Take a look and learn right now how to iron and fold an elastic sheet in the best way.

4. Quick step by step to fold elastic sheet

This video teaches you how to fold the sheet quickly, leaning on a surface. Check it out and see how simple and easy it is!

5. How to fold bed sheets

Want tips to fold and store all your sheets and pillowcases easily and saving a lot of space? You may! Just play the video and put the organizer steps into practice!

After all, folding an elastic sheet is not a seven-headed bug, right? Start training with the step by step in hand and soon you get the hang of it! To further optimize closet space, take a look at the tips on how to fold a t-shirt and enjoy!

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