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How to determine which side of your brain is dominant

In 1981, scientists from the Soviet Union invented a test that makes it possible to determine with incredible accuracy the dominant side of a person’s brain. Different hemispheres are responsible for different activities, ways of thinking, and approaches to problem solving.

Knowing which side of your brain is more developed, you can choose a profession that suits you best or explain the strange things you often experience. In addition, parents can identify their children’s skills and talents and, depending on this, enroll them in a chess school or painting classes, for example.

O awesome.club brings this quiz so you can learn something new about your brain. In the end, we will tell you some interesting facts about you according to the dominant side.

Get ready before you start

You will need 2 sheets of paper: the first, to record your results, and the second, to perform some tasks. When the activity is complete, write down your answers. Completing the test in total will not take more than 7 minutes.

1. Interlace your fingers

Put your hands together and interlace your fingers. Which thumb was fully exposed?

If left-handed, note the letter “D”. If the other, write an “E”.

There’s nothing wrong here. What happens is that each hemisphere of the brain controls the opposite side of the body. For this reason, if your right hand is dominant, then your left side is in charge of your body.

2. Rosenbach’s test

Take a pencil and, stretching your arm, place it in front of your eyes, as shown in the picture. Now look at your tip. Close one eye first and then the other. When does the image move the most? When closing the right or left eye?

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If the movement is greater with the right eye closed, note the letter “E”. If this happens to the left eye, then the letter “D”. If the image moves the same distance, enter “0”.

3. Napoleon’s pose

Stand up and cross your arms as shown in the picture. Which hand was left behind? If it is on the left, note the letter “D”. If it’s on the right, write an “E”.

4. Applause

Now you have to applaud a little. Which hand is up?

If left-handed, note the letter “D”. If it’s on the right, write an “E”.

5. Cross your legs

Sit down and cross your legs. Which leg was on top? If it is on the right, write the letter “E”. If it’s the left, write a “D”.

6. Wink

Which eye did you wink? If it was the right one, write the letter “E”. If it’s the left, write a “D”.

7. rotate

Get up and turn around a bit. In what direction do you do it?

If it is counterclockwise, write the letter “E”. If not, write a “D”.

8. stripes

Now take the second sheet. You have to draw vertical stripes with each hand, without counting them🇧🇷 When you’re done, count how much you’ve done. With which hand did you draw the most?

If left-handed, write the letter “D”. If right, then write an “E”. And if the number of stripes is even, write down a “0”.

9. Circle

It’s time to enter your data into the formula. Don’t be afraid, it’s very easy!

Count how many E’s you have and put them on the left side of the formula. Then repeat the same with the “D” and write the number on the right side.

Now do these calculations:

More than 30% — complete dominance of the left side.
10% to 30% — incomplete dominance of the left side.
From −10 % to +10 % — incomplete domain on the right side.
Below −10 % — full domain on the right.

Some interesting facts about you:

The speech center is in the left hemisphere of the brain. Because of this, people dominated by this part like to talk. However, this side only understands the literal meaning of the words. The right side controls the intonation. People whose right half is dominant speak little but pay close attention to intonation. The right hemisphere is very sensitive to jokes and understands metaphors. The left side doesn’t understand music, because it’s controlled by the other half. Facial recognition of people is a right hemisphere task. Because of this, people dominated by the left side may pass you on the street and not recognize you. People “on the left” love details and are very scrupulous. The right hemisphere makes us dream. With your help, we can imagine any story. People “on the right” capture the entire image first and then analyze the details. Those “on the left” see the details first and then form the complete idea. The right hemisphere remembers emotions, feelings and personal experiences very well. The left likes to remember logical, graphic, and systematic connections.

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