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How to Cleanse a Mirror of Evil Spirits – Eclectic Sorcery

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Should you clean a mirror after ritual use? There is some confusion about mirrors among witches who use a magic mirror in their rituals. Some witches believe that all mirrors are always a portal to the spirit world and naturally attract negative spirits. Other witches are on the other end of the spectrum, considering mirrors and mirror magic harmless.

Magic mirrors can attract harmful spirits to you if they are not treated with respect, but the good news is that you can cleanse them of negative energy! Once you have cleaned your magic mirror, you can protect it from unwanted spirits in the future.

What does sage do to a cursed mirror?

How to Tell if You Need to Clean a Mirror Has been cursed or has bad energy

If you feel uncomfortable around your mirror, it’s an obvious sign that it has something negative attached to it. Sometimes these evil energies can also manifest as bad luck.

Another way to tell if a mirror is cursed is if it starts to crack after a few weeks of use. If your mirror breaks after being used in a spell, it means the negative energy has entered your space. If your mirror breaks, it’s best to throw it away. Watch out for broken mirrors!

To check if your mirror is okay, you can do fortune telling. It’s best to do this before casting any other spells on the mirror, including purification or protection.

If your mirror has a negative influence, ask for tarot cards, dice, or even your spirit guides. You can then find out how to cleanse your mirror of this harmful energy.

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Broken mirror pieces can be used in some types of magic.

Simple ways to cleanse your mirror of negative energy

There are some effortless ways to cleanse your mirror of evil spirits and unhelpful energy. Choose one that is easiest for you unless your divination or guide has suggested a different method.

Cleaning mirrors can be as simple as washing them with soap and water, but be careful what tools you use. You don’t want to damage the material your mirror is made of.

Sprinkle with salt water

Avoid this method if you have a silver mirror as the salt can damage it. A silver hand mirror should be cleaned in one of the ways listed below.

Use a teaspoon of sea salt and fill a cup or bowl half full with good quality water. Add the sea salt.

Sprinkle the mirror with your hand with the salt water and say, “With this salt I will cleanse you of all negative energy.”

Wipe the mirror with a clean cloth. Then give it a final pinch of salt water. This removes unwanted negative energy.

smoke purification

Smoke clears a room of negative energy. You can use any incense for purification, but some incenses that are equivalent to purification are:

  • sandalwood
  • sage
  • incense
  • lavender
  • jasmine

Choose from these options, or you can even mix your own incense with protective herbs and resins.

When you buy sage for cleaning, make sure it’s ethically harvested. Purifying sage is a safe practice, but some forms of wild sage are overly wild processed. It is best to choose cultivated sage instead of wild sage.

Sage smoke and other forms of incense are powerful allies for removing negative energy from objects and rooms in a home. Make sure you leave at least one window open so the bad energy can escape.

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Mirror breakage is a sign that your mirror may be burdened by negative energy.

Clean with essential oils

A few drops of sage essential oil or another protective essential oil can be rubbed on the mirror. Leave the oil on for a few minutes and then wipe away.

Some essential oils with protective equivalents are:

  • sandalwood
  • patchouli

  • incense
  • cypress
  • rosemary
  • lavender


  • sage
  • Jaw
  • vetivert
  • Cinammon

Choose an essential oil with equivalents that you wish to ingest. Patchouli works with emotional energies, and cinnamon will attract love and prosperity.

Lunar or solar cleansing

Exposing your mirror to fresh air and the sun or moonlight is a powerful way to cleanse it of any negative energy. Nothing can oppose the power of the sun and moon, not even the mightiest of spirits and demons.

You can choose to use either of the two celestial bodies. It is up to you and what energy you prefer to work with. Leave the mirror exposed to your chosen light for at least 4 hours.

The type of mirror you have determines how you spiritually cleanse it.

Protect your mirrors from negative energy

Once your mirror has been cleansed of evil spirits, curses, and negative energy, it’s time to protect it from more bad influences. Symbols and wards are the easiest and most effective ways to do this.

Using a protective spell

A ward is a simple routine that you can do over and over again. You can create one for your mirror or use a protective charm you already have.

These are best done after you’ve cleaned your mirror using one of the other methods. This is because wards sometimes create a magical barrier around an object.

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This is great for keeping things out, but it also keeps energies in. If you haven’t banished the negative energy or entity, it will be trapped in your mirror.

Drawing a pentagram on it

Drawing a pentagram on your mirror is an easy way to protect it from possession. The pentagram prevents bad things from entering or coming out of your mirror.

You can draw on the glass with crayons, lipstick or mirror markers. If you prefer to hide the pentagram, draw on the back.

Ritual mirrors should be cleaned frequently.

Be careful with mirror magic

Mirror magic can sometimes draw unwanted spirits into your mirror. When using mirror magic in a ritual, it is best to focus on the positive energy that the mirror brings to you. In this way, negative influences cannot get inside.

Never use mirror magic when you are depressed, stressed or anxious. Negative energy from yourself will draw evil beings to you, and your magical tools and mirrors are especially prone to attracting negativity.

Despite even the highest mood, positive people can still be bothered by negative energies, but it’s just less likely. Your personal energy will absorb more of this type of energy. If you are a new witch or have only been practicing magic for a while, it is best to avoid mirror magic altogether.

If the ritual you perform to your mirror isn’t aimed at bringing only positive energies into your life, you could be bringing in a hostile spirit along with your desired outcome.

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