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How to clean the TV screen without damaging the device

The weekend is finally here and you’re ready to do a series marathon sitting on the couch, curled up on the covers and eating popcorn! After all, sometimes all we want is to get some rest.

The setting can seem very cozy – until you notice that the TV screen is full of dust and fingerprints and you are forced to clean the set.

As popular as televisions are, few people really know how to safely clean the screen without risking damage to the set. Just google it: you’ll find a plethora of TV cleaning tips, but they’re not always reliable.

There’s only one way to ensure that the cleaning method you choose won’t ruin your device, and that’s to consult the manufacturers’ recommendations. After all, it would be really annoying to void your brand-new TV’s warranty because you ended up ruining the screen by applying an inappropriate cleaning product, right?

Check now the guidelines found in the manuals of TV sets from the main manufacturers present in Brazil.

safe cleaning

Manufacturers of LCD and LED TVs are unanimous on the method of cleaning their devices: the best way to remove dust and light dirt from your TV without causing damage is to use only a dry, soft cloth, which should be gently rubbed over the screen. . Some brands provide a cloth suitable for cleaning along with the device. For the corners, you can use a cotton swab.

If you come across any kind of dirt that is having a hard time getting off the screen, don’t rub the cloth harder, as this can damage the surface and impair the display of images. In this case, you can spray the cloth with clean water and rub it on the screen with gentle movements, always following the same direction (from right to left, for example).

Among the main TV manufacturers (Samsung, Phillips, Philco, Sony and LG), most recommend not using any type of cleaning product on the screen of the device, especially abrasive ones. That means you shouldn’t even use the popular white vinegar or window cleaner.

The exception to the rule is the manufacturer LG: according to the manual of one of its models, you can apply a little neutral detergent to the cloth to clean the screen. WARNING: If you have an LG TV, always check your TV manual before using detergent to clean the glass, as instructions may vary by model.

Other precautions when cleaning the TV screen

An important tip is that you should never apply water or detergent directly to the screen, as they could leak into the device and damage its internal components or even cause a fire. Likewise, never use a soaked cloth, as the liquid may run down the edges of the screen.

Also, remember that we must not force a persistent dirt with the cloth, nails or other object, as this can dent or scratch the screen, resulting in distortions in the image. Be patient and follow only with the cloth dampened in water.

It doesn’t hurt to reinforce that, before cleaning, your device must be unplugged from the socket to avoid the risk of electric shock.

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