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How to choose the right vinegar

Heavily used in a variety of culinary dishes, vinegar is an indispensable item in the kitchen. To season salads or enhance the flavor of meats and fish, the product, resulting from the acid fermentation of certain drinks, can be found in versions ranging from apple cider vinegar to champagne.

Each type of vinegar is suitable for different culinary items and when choosing the right vinegar, it is essential to observe whether the intensity of each type is associated with the flavor of the food. Check out suggestions to help you choose the right vinegar.

balsamic vinegar

Dark vinegar, very aromatic, with a dense texture and light sweet taste, is indicated in the preparation of salad dressings, to season vegetables or to enrich sauces from the bottom of cooking, in addition to risottos, meats, smoked fish and even in desserts.

Apple vinegar

Made by fermenting the juice of a variety of apples, apple cider vinegar is the least acidic. Therefore, it is indicated in the preparation of cold dishes such as salads and preserves. In addition, sweet and sour dishes are also excellent when prepared with apple cider vinegar.

alcohol vinegar

Obtained through the acetic fermentation of aqueous solutions of alcohol, originating from potable ethyl alcohol, this type of vinegar has a very strong flavor, but has few nutrients. It is used for preserves, seasonings and also acts as an effective product in cleaning the house.

champagne vinegar

According to the National Association of Vinegar Industries, it is a product with an elegant taste, like the drink from which it comes. This type of vinegar has a slightly sweet flavor and is widely used in the preparation of cooked vegetables.

wine vinegar

It can be made from red or white wine. After alcohol vinegar, this type of product is the most consumed in Brazil. White wine vinegar is ideal for preparing fish and can replace the use of lemon. Red wine vinegar, on the other hand, has a more striking flavor, and is ideal for preparing meats and salads.

rice vinegar

With a mild flavor, it can be easily found in oriental food stores. It is intensively used in oriental cuisine, mainly in the preparation of rice and sushi.

honey vinegar

According to the National Association of Vinegar Industries, honey vinegar is a product obtained by fermenting bee honey. Used for the preparation of sweets and syrups and as an aid in nutritional diets.

sherry vinegar

Typical product from Spain, it has a delicate and exclusive flavor. It is indicated in the preparation of salads, to flavor fish and white meats and also in the preparation of some types of drinks.

Flavored Vinegars

They can be flavored with herbs, spices, fruits or garlic, and are suitable for salad dressings. Those flavored with fruits can be used in the preparation of desserts.

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