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How to choose accessories to wear on your graduation day

Graduation is a remarkable achievement and of great importance in anyone’s life. The day is reserved to celebrate and celebrate a stage of life that ends and another that begins. For women, the first and classic question that comes to mind is “What clothes should I wear?”. Thinking about the ideal dress long before the event is normal, but what about accessories? Have you ever stopped to think about them? For know that they are weight items and that can make all the difference in the final result of the look.

The first step is to keep in mind the model and color of dress you intend to wear on your graduation day. Usually the trainees opt for long dresses, but nothing prevents the more daring from betting on the short ones. Just be careful not to choose a very basic model, after all this is your day to shine. From there it is possible to start thinking about shoes, hairstyle, makeup and accessories.

As it is a more formal event, graduation allows us to use and abuse accessories with rhinestones and sparkles. But be careful not to overdo the dose and leave the look too loaded. Check out some tips that can help you choose the most suitable accessories to compose your prom look.


The choice of earring depends on the hairstyle chosen and the details at the top of the dress. Draped models, with collars or embroidery in the shoulder and neck region call for a smaller and more delicate earring. If the model chosen is the classic strapless or a smooth model without details on the top, the use of larger and more flashy earrings is indicated. In this case, bet on buns and side hairstyles to keep the focus on the chosen accessory.

The choice of earring color and texture depends on the total set. For example, if your chosen dress has a neutral color, it is worth investing in a colorful earring to brighten up the look. Now if your dress is already colored or has details in a specific shade, keep the earring focus in that shade to ensure a balanced look.


You can choose two types of necklaces to compose your prom look. The most delicate, choker style, or maxi necklaces with rhinestones and sparkles. The rule to know which model to use is simple: strapless dress and straight neckline ask for a more flashy necklace. But that, only if the earring is discreet. The other models combine with the most delicate necklaces.

To be sure if it’s better to use a necklace or not, the best tip is to taste it. Test different ways, only then can you find out which accessory is right for your look.


There are several models, colors and textures of bracelets to compose your graduation look. Bet on sophisticated pieces with a good finish to ensure an elegant and balanced look. The rule is always to try to find harmony between the pieces that are closer together. For example: necklace and heavy rings, delicate bracelet. If your intention is to wear a heavier bracelet, avoid using very flashy rings and necklaces.


The accessory invaded the costumes of soap operas and has been making the arm of several famous. As it is a heavier piece, the bracelet can easily replace bracelets and rings. The more detailed your dress, the smoother and simpler the bracelet. Another tip to focus attention on the arms is to wear the double bracelet, that is, one piece on each arm.


As they are more discreet pieces, rings are allowed in most prom looks. The rule remains the same: balance and harmony between the chosen accessories. Therefore, opt for delicate pieces for a more romantic production. For more flashy productions, double rings, with rhinestones and sparkles are welcome. But be careful with rings that snag the fabric, especially if your dress is lace.


Hair tiaras are quick and great options to make your look even more amazing. They can be used on short hair, updo and down hairstyles with ease. Just choose the model that best matches your dress and the rest of the accessories to make your prom look romantic and sophisticated.


Clucthes are present at all festive events and depending on the model, you can completely change your look. They can be printed, embroidered, plain, with rhinestones, sequins, among others. The model with brass knuckles, launched by Alexander McQueen is the darling of the moment, as you have two accessories, ring and bag, in a single piece.

The choice of color varies depending on your dress and the rest of the accessories. Using a different color for the wallet than the clothes is a good way to not leave the look faded. Opt for metallic and glittery models to give your graduation look a boost.

Suggestions for accessories to wear on graduation day

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