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How to Burp Your Baby: 5 Tips to Help Him Feel Better

A common question among mothers, after breastfeeding, is how to make the baby burp. Is there a right time to wait? An average of burps? To clear all your doubts, check out what Dr. Hamilton Robledo (CRM: 47582 – SP), member of the Scientific Department of Breastfeeding at SPSP and pediatrician at the São Camilo de São Paulo Hospital Network, on the subject:

How long to wait for the baby to burp?

Dr Hamilton explained that the baby will not always burp after a feed, but that it is recommended to wait about 5 minutes. “Burping is the entry of air into the stomach during the baby’s suction, if the latch is correct and synchronized, he usually does not swallow air, so after feeding hold the baby in an upright position, head up. If in 5 minutes he doesn’t burp, that means he hasn’t swallowed air, always remembering that the baby doesn’t need to burp every feed.” Complemented.

5 tips on how to burp your baby and help him feel better

Although burping is not mandatory, mom can help the baby by taking some steps. Here are the pediatrician’s tips on how to burp the baby:

Leave the baby with its head up

“In order for the baby to burp after feeding or after each breast change, he must be left standing, keeping his body close to the mother’s and his head upright.” commented Dr Hamilton.

Give a light pat on the back

According to the pediatrician, “the mother can also give light pats on the back to encourage burping.”

Let the baby sit on your lap

“The positions for burping are preferably with the baby standing, body next to the mother on the shoulder and head erect. It can also be sat on mom’s lap, as long as you keep your head up, patting your back lightly to encourage.” The pediatrician explained.

Return to the breast after the first burp

As the most common is that only one burp occurs, “if you are still breastfeeding, you should change breasts.” commented Dr Hamilton.

Snuggle the baby close to your body

According to the pediatrician, this tip would be a complement to the first one, so the baby must have his head up and his tummy facing the mother. He also recalled that “if the baby does not burp, it means that the suction is well established and there is no reason to worry.”

Did you mom follow the tips, waited the five minutes and the baby didn’t burp? Doctor Hamilton brought a suggestion that will help you to be calm: “if, within five minutes, the baby still hasn’t burped, the mother can put the child to bed. For greater safety, just let him lie down with his head a little higher than his torso with the help of a pillow (around 30 or 45 degrees is enough).”

How many burps does the baby have to give after being breastfed?

The pediatrician mentioned that there is no average number of burps. If the baby has swallowed air, a single burp will be enough. In the words of Dr. Hamilton, “generally, if the baby swallows air during a feed, there will be only one burp. At this point, you should put him to bed again or, if he is still breastfeeding, change the breast.”

As you can see, the baby will not always burp after feeding and this is absolutely normal. Now, take the opportunity to also read the article about the best positions to breastfeed.

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