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How to be a Eudora reseller: step by step, advantages and testimonials

It doesn’t matter if you already have another source of income or if you are currently unemployed… Having the opportunity to work with something you like, guaranteeing a good profit from it, is amazing, isn’t it? And it is with this intention that many women end up becoming Eudora resellers/representatives, either to guarantee extra money at the end of the month, or to have this as their main source of income.

Eudora is part of Grupo Boticário and was launched in 2011, being today a well-known brand in the market, with quality products and a large portfolio in the areas of perfumery, makeup, hair, body and bath and facial treatments.

So, precisely because of the variety of products it offers and the quality that the brand is already known for, many women claim to be successful working as a Eudora reseller. Want to know if this is also a good opportunity for you?! Check all the information below.

Eudora reseller: how does it work?

Decided to become a reseller? The first step is to access the brand’s website. There you will have the opportunity to fill out a pre-registration, in a very simple way, where you will put your personal data and address.

Within 10 days, a sales supervisor in your city will contact you, probably by phone, and schedule a face-to-face visit with you, where she will take product samples and explain all the details of the job.

One detail is that, if your city is not yet served by Eudora, your registration will be stored, so that a contact can be made in the future, when the brand arrives in your city.

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The requirements to become a reseller are: being over 18 years old, having a CPF, RG, proof of residence (maximum 60 consecutive days), having an active email, filling out the registration form and purchasing the trial kit.

This kit is essential, as it will allow the new reseller to know the brand’s portfolio and, thus, be able to present the products in the best way to its future customers. With a value of approximately R$150, the kit will basically come with the current magazines, bag, samples and products that can now be resold.

The interesting thing is that, by reselling these products that come in the kit, the representative is already able to recover the amount paid for it.

Having the catalog in hand, the reseller will be able to start selling and will order through the internet, with your login and password, and the products will be delivered by carrier, at the neutered address, within 7 days.

Orders can be placed once a week, but there is a minimum amount for this. And a detail is that if you don’t have orders in a given month, this won’t be a problem and you can proceed with sales normally the following month.

Step by step to become a Eudora reseller

In summary, check out the step-by-step guide to becoming a reseller:

  • Visit eudora.com.br;
  • Pre-register, entering all the requested data;
  • Wait for the contact of a sales supervisor in your city (which can take up to 10 days);
  • In the face-to-face meeting with the supervisor, get to know Eudora products and take the opportunity to ask all your questions;
  • Purchase the trial kit;
  • Start your sales.
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Anyway, the process to become a Eudora reseller is simple and you can start working in a few days.

The benefits of investing in this opportunity

But, among so many options, why resell Eudora? Check out the advantages, taking into account the different aspects of this proposal:

  1. You can profit up to 40% on top of sales, thus having an extra income or being able to have this as your main source of income;
  2. You become “owner of your own business”, being able to gain financial independence, working flexible hours and with something that gives you pleasure;
  3. Eudora offers payment facilities (and thus, a possible financial difficulty at the moment, for example, may not be an obstacle for you to start this new business);
  4. You will be working with a quality brand, belonging to the well-known Boticário Group;
  5. You will have the opportunity to sell to different types of consumers, as the brand has the most varied products – makeup, perfumery, hair products, facial products, men’s line – and affordable (and fair, considering the quality);
  6. It will also have the advantage of reselling a brand that is already consolidated in the market, which is featured in advertisements in large circulation magazines in Brazil, is frequently present on television and which partners with several celebrities. In other words, a brand that practically “sells itself”.

Despite the advantages, it is worth mentioning, it cannot be said that this is an “easy service”. It is necessary to dedicate yourself, offer great service, not be lazy to “go to the fight” to sell, always be attentive to the wishes of customers, in short, strive to do the best and, thus, in fact, make a profit.

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Testimonials: what is it like to be a Eudora reseller?

Below you can see the testimony of women who chose to resell Eudora and tell a little about their experiences.

1. Learn how to be a Eudora Representative, by Simara Pink

In this video, Simara Pink tells how she became a Eudora reseller, including the moment of pre-registration on the site and the products received in order to start sales.

2. What you need to know to be a Eudora reseller, by Love Lucci

Luccy tells how she started to resell Eudora, talks about the advantages and clarifies the main doubts about the work.

3. Eudora, is it worth reselling? How Much Do I Earn!, by Dama dos Cosmeticos

In this video, the representative talks about the return she has been selling Eudora and gives some tips for those who are thinking about starting to work with the brand.

Now you know how to become a Eudora reseller and, with all the tips and testimonials, you can assess if this type of job is really for you. Finally, remember that dedication and responsibility are essential for those who want to have good results!

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