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How to bathe a newborn: important baby care

After the baby arrives, one of the biggest challenges for parents is to bathe a newborn. The task requires care, as the child is not yet seated alone, but it is not as complicated as it seems. See the tips given by pediatrician Cláudia Falcetta, from the São Camilo de São Paulo Hospital Network:

7 tips on how to bathe a newborn and important care

Doctor Cláudia brought tips to help with the newborn’s bath. Check out what they are below:

  • Place where to bathe: according to the pediatrician, “there must be enough space to move around without difficulty. In addition, doors and windows must be closed to keep the environment warm, especially on cold days”.
  • Water temperature: “must be between 36 °C and 37 °C. Before putting the newborn in the water, it is important to use a thermometer or forearm to check the temperature of the water, never the elbow”, explained Cláudia, justifying that we have less sensitivity in the elbow, so it cannot be used to analyze the temperature. from water.
  • Amount of water: the doctor commented that “the amount of water in the bathtub should be at the level of the navel with the newborn in the lying position.” She also recommends keeping everything you need for a bath within easy reach.
  • Starting with the head: Claudia made it clear that “you should wash the newborn’s head first, then continue with the rest of the little body”.
  • The bath should be quick: the pediatrician stressed that “the bath needs to be quick, so that the water doesn’t get cold. Also, you shouldn’t leave the baby alone even for a second.”
  • Ideal time: for Claudia, there is no ideal time. She explained that “the ideal time is when the caregiver is more available”. However, she recalled that “in the cold months, choose the hottest time of day”. The pediatrician also brought an extra tip about the time: “the night bath calms the baby, providing a more peaceful sleep”.
  • Specific products for babies: “use specific products for babies and prefer liquid soap with a more acidic pH (closer to the pH of our skin), which can be used from head to toe”. The doctor specified that shampoos can only be used after 6 months of life.

Did you realize that bathing a newborn is not so difficult? The pediatrician also commented on the use of moisturizer for babies, saying that they can be used after bathing, as long as they are odorless and without dyes. As for talc, it is best to avoid it, as it “dries out the skin and poses a risk of aspiration”.

How to bathe a newborn

After checking out the pediatrician’s tips, here are four videos that will help you with the task of bathing a newborn baby.

How to bathe a newborn and take care of the belly button

A very complete step-by-step guide about bathing your newborn, including the tip to wrap him in a towel, so that he feels protected and safe. It emphasizes the importance of the belly button being always clean and sterilized.

Newborn shower bath

Tips for those who want to bathe directly in the shower. Teaches which parts of the body need to be washed and how to hold the baby while underwater. It also emphasizes that the most important thing is for the newborn to feel the water falling on his skin, in order to relax him.

How to give a newborn a bath

The video starts by giving the recommendation to keep everything you will need in the baby’s bath close by. Then, it indicates removing rings and other objects that could hurt the child. There are five helpful steps, especially for first-time parents.

How to bathe a newborn without the baby crying

The video brings tips that can make mom safer. It recommends wrapping the baby in a diaper or thin towel and teaches how to protect the ears, to wash the newborn’s head. The technique keeps the child calm and prevents crying, in addition to being useful on the coldest days.

After knowing Dr. Claudia’s tips and watching the videos above, you can feel more confident in how to bathe a newborn. Enjoy and also check out the article about the baby’s soft spot.

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