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How the cast of “Titanic” has changed and what they do now, 23 years after its debut

It doesn’t matter how much time passes: there are things that never change, like the fact that the Titanic sank or that its film adaptation was an absolute success that made many people emotional (and still does). But time passed, the actors followed their careers and, if in a year people change and many things can happen, imagine in 23?

O awesome.club loves researching movie trivia, so he shares a selection of 13 actors from the movie Titanic, so you can see what they’re doing and how they’re doing today, more than 20 years after the classic was released. Check out!

1. Leonardo DiCaprio (Jack Dawson)

Leonardo DiCaprio as Jack Dawson left many spectators in love, but his performance was not enough to win the Academy, so he didn’t win an Oscar that year. In fact, the actor waited 18 years to get the coveted statuette for his work in The Return. His last success was Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, in which he starred opposite Brad Pitt (another actor who undoubtedly made many fans sigh in the 90s), and earned him another nomination for the Academy Awards. About his personal life, he is currently dating Argentine model Camila Morrone.

In addition, he remains a dear co-worker. Brad Pitt, on winning a Golden Globe for Once Upon a Time in Hollywooddid not hesitate to honor his colleague DiCaprio with these words: “I used to see how, year after year, his filmmates received awards and thanked Leonardo DiCaprio in an emotional way. Now I know why: he’s a star, a gentleman, and I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for him.” He also joked, “I would have split the board…” Yes Brad, we would all have split the board with Jack except Rose.

2. Kate Winslet (Rose DeWitt Bukater)

Like her co-protagonist, Kate did not win an Oscar for her performance, but was nominated for the award for best actress. She had to wait 11 years to receive a well-deserved statuette, and it was for her role in the film. The reader. She is married to Ned Rocknroll and continues to act in various projects that do not distance her too long from her three children.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet remain friends to this day. In 2017, they collaborated on a charity fundraiser for the cause of climate change and organized a private dinner to help a mother with breast cancer.

3. Billy Zane (Caledon Hockley)

Billy Zane played a great role being the villain of Titanic — no one can think of Caledon’s character with sympathy after all he’s tried to separate Jack and Rose in the plot. Currently, he continues to act in films and series such as Cliffs of Freedom and Curfew — Touch dand To recall🇧🇷 He also dedicates himself to painting and holds exhibitions. Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to see one of his works? Regarding his personal life, Billy is engaged to model Candice Neil, with whom he has 2 children.

4. Frances Fisher (Ruth DeWitt Bukater)

Frances Fisher has a daughter with her ex-husband, director Clint Eastwood, named Francesca Eastwood, with whom she played opposite in a chapter of the series. fargo, in 2017. The last work of the actress who played Rose’s mother in Titanic it was in the movie run the racefrom 2019.

5. Kathy Bates (Margaret Brown)

Kathy Bates played one of the most beloved characters in the film, and over the course of her career, she managed to keep the public’s affections with a large list of screen work. But Bates didn’t just play noble and humble figures: in fact, she is recognized for her villainous roles in productions such as American Horror Story.

Now 71 years old, she is a proud survivor of ovarian and breast cancer, which inspired her to be a national spokesperson for lymphedema (accumulation of lymphatic fluid in adipose tissue) and president of the Lymphatic Education and Research Network, illness you have because of your medical history. She was awarded for her important role in raising awareness of this disease. With all these merits, she clearly loses nothing to her character in Titanicright?

6. Victor Garber (Thomas Andrews)

During the film, many of us felt sorry for the boat’s creator, Thomas Andrews, who watched his work sink to the bottom of the Atlantic. Fortunately, the same was not true of Victor Garber, who played the role of Thomas. The actor got married in 2015 and his career is on the rise. Currently, he continues to make a career in film and music. If you sing as well as you act, it would be amazing to hear your songs, no doubt.

7. Bernard Hill (Captain Edward James Smith)

Before the boat sank, Captain Edward James Smith had confirmed that this would be his last voyage. However, it was not so for actor Bernard Hill, who played Edward. After the positive reviews he received for his performance in Titanic, continued to be an actor of great prestige and has worked in important productions. And if on a ship he was the captain, in the kingdom of Lord of the Rings it wouldn’t be much different, as he played Théoden, king of Rohan. Additionally, he lent his voice to a movie judge. ParaNorman. We couldn’t expect less solemnity in their roles, could we?

8. Jonathan Hyde (Joseph Bruce Ismay)

What Joseph Bruce Ismay’s character lacked in common sense he certainly made up for in vanity, as many of his contributions and decisions led to the sinking of the ship RMS Titanic in the film, which left him unpopular in the story. But, despite the criticism of Joseph, Jonathan Hyde, the interpreter of the role, is very well spoken of. He has been married for 40 years, has children and continues to work in cinema and theater. In addition, he has lent his voice to animated productions such as Trollhunters: Tale of Arcadia.

9. Ioan Gruffudd (Fifth Officer Harold Lowe)

10. Suzy Amis (Lizzy Calvert)

Suzy Amis, who played Rose’s granddaughter, is a mother of four and has been married to the film’s director, James Cameron since 2000, after working together on Titanic. Even without acting, he continues to be an important figure as a defender of the environment, having founded organizations that fight against climate change and idealize foods that do not harm the planet.

11. Eric Braeden (John Jacob Astor IV)

Eric Braeden, who plays one of the richest characters on the Titanic, has been married for 54 years and the father of one child. In addition to being an actor, he is a great athlete and plays tennis. He also published an autobiography in which he says he was a shipwreck survivor, but of course he was not referring to the Titanic, but to the ship MV Wilhelm Gustloff, which sank in January 1945.

12. David Warner (Spicer Lovejoy)

If you don’t watch Titanic a long time ago and doesn’t remember who Spicer Lovejoy was, let’s refresh his memory: he was the policeman who watched Jack because he suspected he wasn’t the honest person he pretended to be. Surprisingly, he had already had the opportunity to work on another movie about the sinking of the Titanic, and that must be the reason why he played his role so well. David Warner continues to work on television and on major projects, being one of his last The Return of Mary Poppins.

13. Danny Nucci (Fabrizio De Ross)

Danny Nucci, the American actor of an Italian father and a French-Moroccan mother, was the one who played Jack’s faithful friend and traveling companion on the Titanic. He has been married to actress Paula Marshall since 2003 and has 2 daughters. He continues to work on successful movies and series.

What emotions did you feel when reviewing the characters and history of this remarkable work of cinema? What other facts would you like to know about her? Do you think there would be enough room for Jack on the board? Tell us in the comments section!

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