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How Tarot can help you in everyday life

Did you know that May 25th is the world tarot day? Annually, the medium takes the opportunity to encourage the (re)discovery of the many faces of the oracle and even has a commemorative hashtag: #WorldTarotDay. We take advantage of the date to give tips on how Tarot can help you in everyday life.

After all, Tarot helps to reveal what we need to know about a moment, a situation or a person, defining your course or the most prudent attitude towards what you want to know. Discover the Tarot games available on Personare here.

Tarot can help you…

…to know your future

Most common use, prediction is super sought after by those who enjoy or are interested in Tarot – and yes, it works. Charts can be consulted to analyze trends for the day, month, semester and even year.

O Monthly Tarot (try it here), for example, brings interpretations for those who want to take advantage of the positive potential of the month and prepare for possible challenges. There are three cards that, more than saying what will happen, show the possibilities for you to take the best actions from now on – and, yes, you with Tarot you can change your future.

…to make a decision

Far beyond predicting the future, one of the best ways to use the oracle is to have a referral. But don’t think it’s something generic or passive. THE Tarot guidance (learn more here) it is a method that suggests action, it is advice on how to take better action about a specific person or circumstance.

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For that, you can play Tarot Straight here. In it, you draw just one card and read objective advice for your question. Unlike a simple yes or no Tarot, Direct Tarot helps you find the best way to answer your question.

…to decide your professional future

We talk about various predictions and guidelines, but Tarot can also help you with specific points, such as your professional future. Enough play here the Semiannual Tarot and check out what the 10th letter says, which reveals professional trends and job possibilities for the next six months.

…to know if your relationship has a future

O Tarot and Love (try it here) gives a broad view of your love relationship. In addition, the Tarot provides tips and advice targeted to your issue.

And if you play the game focused on knowing the future of your existing relationship, Tarot and Love will reveal the Extra Card, where you see what the person you love feels for you and what kind of love they feel.

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