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How maternity fashion has changed over the years

Being a mother is one of the most incredible events that exist, especially since pregnancy marks a before and after in a woman’s life. During these nine months, the mother-to-be undergoes major physical and emotional transformations, and part of these changes are reflected in the growth of the belly, breasts and other parts of the body, often requiring the woman to look for suitable clothes for pregnant women.

Thinking about it, the awesome.club decided to research the evolution of maternity fashion over the years and listed some images that show how pregnant women dressed in past centuries.


At that time, clothes with many layers were used; there was, therefore, a great mix of fabrics, especially embroidery, lace and other materials. The sleeves featured prominently and were very wide, sometimes with padding.


In the following centuries, the styles became lighter and lighter, making the silhouette a little more natural, as well as the fit of the dresses. Clothes became simpler and many women began to wear special corsets for pregnant women.

early 1900’s

At that time, higher-class ladies continued to wear corsets, unlike women with less purchasing power, who began to wear simpler dresses, in general, with long skirts.


In the 1930s and 1940s some women still wore sashes, however, they were no longer so common. At that time, common dresses already had larger versions for pregnant women. They were well known for their prints and usually came with a jacket or a blazer.



In the 1960s, pregnant women’s wardrobe diversified a lot and began to include shorts, pants, short skirts, dresses, among other pieces.


The material and colors gained prominence in this decade. Flared dresses cut below the bust were most popular. Psychedelic prints were a way to divert attention from the abdominal region.


With Princess Diana’s pregnancy, maternity fashion made headway on magazine covers. The gowns, the wide dresses, the sets composed of pants and shirt in pastel tones were the most used models at the time.

nineteen ninety

Overalls and baggy pants appeared to give future moms more options for looks. Before the 90’s, the tendency was to hide or hide the belly, but with the appearance of famous pregnant women on magazine covers, showing it became something more and more normal.


At this time, maternity fashion completely diversified. Denim pants and more elastic fabrics gained more and more popularity. Before, the silhouette was not so important in the drawings, but at that time, the looks were becoming more and more glued to the body.


In the last decade, pregnant women have had many options, after all, specialized brands and maternity lines from very famous brands have started to manufacture different clothing alternatives. As a result, women could choose from a wide variety of styles, from the most classic to the most casual.


Do you think companies should design more clothes for pregnant women? Tell your opinion in the comments!

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