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How are 10 celebrities who left Brazil to live in Europe

The dream of living in another country has come true for many people, proof of this is the growth in the number of Brazilians living abroad each year — around 4.2 million, according to data from the Itamaraty. And within these statistics are the celebrities who traded their successful careers in Brazil for a fresh start in other countries.

Thinking about it, the awesome.club gathered in this list some celebrities who chose to live in European soils and seem to be happy with their choices. Come check!

10. Flavia Freire

Known mainly for her work as a weather girl at Jornal Nacional, Flávia Freire moved to Portugal with her family, after 19 years working for Rede Globo. With the dream of living in another country and also aiming for safety, the journalist, who is married to a Portuguese man, saw the possibility of restarting her career in the country.

“After I had my son, my mind changed a little (…), so I thought, ‘Why not combine the useful with the pleasant? I’m going to Portugal’. My husband has a whole structure there and so we came”, she revealed. Mother of two children, Flávia runs the Conecta Europa program.

9. Márcia Goldschmidt

The presenter left Brazil to live in Portugal in 2011, where she gave birth to the twins Yanne and Victoria, the result of her union with the Portuguese lawyer Nuno Rêgo. Currently, Márcia Goldschmidt has moved with her family to a mansion in Spain.

“I want to go back to Brazil, yes. Brazil is my country. I don’t know if to live. I miss my friends, my audience, television, ”she said.

8. Ana Paula Arosio

Away from the small screens for a few years, Ana Paula Arósio started to live in the countryside of England with her husband, the knight Henrique Plombon Pinheiro. After a period of seclusion, the actress has meticulously chosen her works, such as the film Primavera, in 2018.

About living in Europe, the actress reveals: “I’m much happier now. Much of what used to drive me crazy doesn’t bother me anymore. Living abroad also requires flexibility”.

7. Susana Werner and Julio Cesar

Married to goalkeeper Julio Cesar, the former model moved to Portugal a few years ago, accompanying her husband. She currently has a tourism tips company, the trendy Queenslife Boutique, specializing in beauty, and a virtual clothing store.

“I saw his dream there and the opportunity he had… I said: ‘Let’s go. Let’s go away from that dream there’. We joke a lot, I say that Júlio is my pension plan, that it worked ”, he said.

6. Evaristo Costa

After years as the anchor of Jornal Hoje, Evaristo Costa moved with his family to England, after his wife was approved to do postgraduate studies at the University of Cambridge. Since then, the journalist has worked on some advertising campaigns on his social network.

“Being in the city I want to be and still being able to work without leaving it is a DREAM achieved. For that I am grateful every day. Thanks!”, she shared on her Instagram.

5. Giovanna Antonelli

With a successful career, the actress decided to live in Portugal with her husband and three children in 2017. Even so, she maintained her contract with Rede Globo, and until 2020 she was divided between the two countries.

“I don’t know if there is another life, but I have the feeling that I’ve lived here in Portugal at some point. I have a great affinity with the country, the people… I have godchildren here and friends. I have already created Portuguese roots.”, he said in an interview.

4. Yasmin Volpato

Currently working as a digital influencer, Yasmin Volpato moved to England following the work of her husband, the football player Lyanco. However, before living in the Queen’s land, the model and former presenter lived in Turin, Italy, where she graduated in Civil Humanitarian Diplomacy.

“I set foot in this city for the first time still single and ended up leaving here engaged. Then I stepped on for the second time married and pregnant. Then my daughter was born here.” she posted it on her Instagram before leaving Italy.

3. Maya Gabeira

The greatest surfer in the world and world record holder left Brazil to live in Nazaré, Portugal. There, Maya Gabeira can enjoy nature and the privacy of the most empty beaches. “I think it’s a privilege to be able to live in a safe place with a more relaxed lifestyle,” she revealed.

2. Patricia De Sabrit

Since 2014 living in France with her husband, the French executive Olivier Murguet, and son Maximillian, Patricia De Sabrit has lived in other places in Europe such as Belgium and London. Daughter of French Thierry De Sabrit with socialite Marina De Sabrit, the actress had no difficulties with the language, as she had spoken it since she was a child.

“I’m the daughter of French and I already spoke the language, that’s half the battle. I also already knew the region a lot (…). I lived here in 2005 when I took an Arts and French course for four months. So I had some ease. What sticks is the longing for family, friends and work”, he commented in an interview.

1. Neymar Jr.

Athlete life is a constant change and it wouldn’t be different with Neymar Jr. Acting for Paris Saint-Germain Football Club, the player has lived on the outskirts of the French capital since 2017, in a luxurious and trendy mansion that belongs to French actor Gerard Depardieu.

Unlike other celebrities, the player, who has lived in Europe since 2013, declared: “I left Brazil at 21, obviously I want to come back one day”.

Do you want to, do you live or have you lived in any country in Europe? Share your experience with us!

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